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Los Angele’s Longest-Running Art Show Wraps with a Big Bang

By: Victoria Stevens

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 01/29/2022- It’s a wrap! Los Angeles longest-running art show has just completed their second annual show in under six months. With 45,000 people in attendance, this show has seen a 20% higher attendance rate than their last show in July. Celebrating major success and record sales for multiple galleries, 2022 started out with a bang. Following COVID protocols, everyone had to be masked up and socially distanced. This, however, did not stop the attendees from having a good time and purchasing some amazing art.  (Insert- Photo #1- Aerial view of the LA Art Show)

LA Art Show Kick Off

Producer/Director Kassandra Voyagis has once again brought the art community together to enjoy the latest trends in art and experience new technology. Her efforts have benefited so many galleries and art enthusiasts all around the world.

“I am so honored to be once again bringing the art community together in Los Angeles, both with local participants and an international presence. With a focus on the global effects of humankind on the planet, it is the right time to be curating voices from around the world, and I am excited to facilitate this wonderful event,” said Voyagis

The theme for this year’s show was environmental impact and new technologies. Costume and Production Designer Peter Lovello was one of the masterminds behind choosing this theme.

“Every year the theme changed. It depended on the sponsors. In the beginning, it was Dorothy Chandler, Mark Taper, and the Music Center. Therefore, the theme was more geared towards that type of flavor. However, every year as it grew and expanded, I started having a hand in what the theme would become because I would have to put together the theme. So, instead of someone rattling off a theme they wanted to see, I had to choose one that I knew I could pull off. I knew what type of resources we had and what would be realistic,” explained Lovello.

The opening night benefit for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital had a huge turnout. Among the many celebrities that attended was Tom Schanley from NCIS Hawaii, the youngest artist Tex Hammond, and another great artist Todd Gray. The event was hosted by the one and only international model and actress Kaia Gerber; known for her role in Ryan Murphy’s “American Horror Stories”. LA art show has been a huge supporter of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for many years and 15 % of all ticket proceeds went towards its life saving missions to find cures and save children. (Insert- Photo 2- Kaia Gerber speaking at the opening night benefit)

Among the many favorite galleries that returned this year was Arcadia Contemporary, Mizumz Art Gallery, Neue Kunst Gallery, Pan American Art Projects, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, and DIVERSEartLA. (Insert- Photo 3- Attendees at the DIVERSEartLA Exhibit)

DIVERSEartLA came back with new ecological lens this year. Curator Marisa Caichiolo gave more insight into the purpose behind this new viewpoint.

“The goal of DIVERSEartLA 2022 is to view this sector of art within the show through ecological glasses: how the environment is represented in art installations and objects, and also how humans’ place in the world is depicted. Saving the planet, and documenting change in our environment (Past – Present – Future). One of the most powerful things about art is that it brings people together, and transforms the way we communicate. This topic is at the heart of a growing number of art narratives, including exhibitions built with high-tech innovations, designed to inspire artistic appreciation and the desire to respond to environmental challenges, reinforcing the value of translating environmental advocacy into art. These installations represent our present day and the looming impact we will all face as the planet warms. DIVERSEartLA 2022 will encourage visitors to confront the complex challenges of our global climate crisis and imagine potential solutions,” explained Marisa Caichiolo

Fourteen-year-old Tex Hammond returned this year with an all-new dynamic collection entitled Major Minor which reflected on his youthful perspective and deep perception of school, music, and trappings of adolescence today.

“My inspiration in creating art is almost entirely music-based – I tend to see colors as I listen to music, and that translates directly to whatever I’m painting – so the musical definitions of major and minor plays into the title,” Hammond explains. “My major in school is art, and there are several pieces at this year’s show that include actual snippets of my homework from school. And, obviously, as a 14-year-old, I’m still a minor – which has its virtues and its frustrations – and that also is reflected in my work. So, it all ties together.”

All in all, the LA 2022 art show was a huge success for many galleries. Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery and Abend Gallery had a record-breaking year and Tex Hammond sold all 21 pieces in his exhibit. Among the highest selling galleries were Mizuma Gallery, Melissa Morgan, J &J Art, Pigment Gallery, Arcadia Contemporary, and Beatriz Esquerra Arte. (Insert- Photo 4- LA Art Show kick off- attendees purchasing art pieces)

Photo Credit: Birdman Photos

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(Insert- Photo #1- Aerial view of the LA Art Show)

(Insert- Photo 2- Kaia Gerber speaking at the opening night benefit)  

(Insert- Photo 3- Attendees at the DIVERSEartLA Exhibit) 

(Insert- Photo 4- LA Art Show kick off- attendees purchasing art pieces)