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Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 Season and COVID-19

Los Angeles Dodgers coach Dave Roberts and Operations President Andrew Friedman zoom press conference June 25, 2020

By: Angela Redding

Los Angeles, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 6/26/2020–Baseball’s 2020 Season Update – The regular season is expected to begin on July 23-24. MLB has submitted a proposed 60-game schedule to the MLBPA to review. To limit travel distances, teams would play a majority of games against their division opponents (40, or 10 against each division opponent) and the rest against their geographic counterpart in the other league (in other words, AL East vs. NL East, AL Central vs. NL Central, AL West vs. NL West). New game schedules will be released soon.


Dodgers Prepare For The Start of The Season

The beginning of the 2020 baseball season was not what anyone expected. COVID-19 hit the world and turned life upside down for many individuals as well as Pro sports. In an attempt to move forward, the MLB organization, players, coaches, and fans are looking forward to the return of baseball in some form or fashion. If all had gone according to plan, the Boys in Blue, Southern California”s favorite baseball team, would have played 80 games to date. That’s a lot of missed Cracker Jacks and Peanuts.

Here’s a Rundown of the Dodgers’ Former 2020 Regular Season Game Schedule

Blue Boxes: Home Games / White Boxes: Away Games

Dodgers’ players will be active again come July 1st and are scheduled to officially begin workouts on July 3rd.
Los Angeles Dodgers former 2020 schedule
Los Angeles Dodgers former 2020 schedule/Dodgers Media

Dodger President of Baseball Operations Andrew Friedman and Dodger Manager Dave Roberts held a Zoom press conference call Thursday, June 25th at 2:00 p.m., to talk about and answer questions regarding the upcoming 2020 baseball season.

The obvious questions were asked regarding those in the organization testing positive for COVID-19, spring training, the number of players who will start, and of course their feelings about playing the Astros.

Do you anticipate a player(s) not being available because they tested positive for COVID-19?

Andrew Friedman, Dodger President of Baseball Operations

“Obviously this is a delicate subject and something that has been front of mind for all of us for the last four months.”

Freidman spoke candidly about those who tested positive for the virus and his standpoint on the matter.

“We have had some people in our organization test positive -none that have resulted in symptoms that have been problematic, but obviously this is front of mind for all of us. We’re figuring this out and learning as we go.


It’s very much a personal thing that if any want to share, then obviously it’s up to them. But I think from my standpoint and Doc’s standpoint, we’re not comfortable doing that. As we get into the season, if those things are happening, obviously they’re going to have to be handled in a different way and I don’t know what that is right now.

As far as guys being delayed for spring training, I’m not sure. It’s definitely possible but I don’t know for sure on that front right now. As we learn how to communicate on this, we’ll obviously do so, but we’re kinda learning as we go right now.”

You’re not having a designated hitter during the short season. You’re doing it by committee. Can you talk more about that?

Dave Roberts, Dodgers Manager
“We are just very fortunate with our roster that’s very versatile. Our guys, to a man, play both sides of the baseball. To have that be locked in on one guy that takes down that role, I think that kind of puts one arm behind your back. I just think we have that flexibility. Once the schedule comes out, the pitcher certainly matters, that particular pitcher that day, (also) how guys are feeling after a certain amount of games, all that stuff. I think we fit that DH kind of situation as well as any team in baseball in my opinion.”

Los Angeles Dodgers coach Dave Roberts at 2020 Fanfest.
Los Angeles Dodgers coach Dave Roberts at January 2020 Fanfest in Los Angeles, CA. (Photo: Diana Castro/Premier Photo Int’l.)
Before the pandemic, did you have a final roster, and will it change during the upcoming weeks of spring training?

“I think… part of it that will definitely change is the fact we will have thirty guys to start so that will add four additional players in spring training as we are getting in those last couple of weeks. We weren’t sure Joc (Pederson) was going to be ready on opening day and now we are in a pretty good spot with all of our guys. I’m sure it will change a little bit but also so much will come from where our starters are, as we get going, how built up they are… and try to put together the best thirty man roster we can with all the protection around that we feel good about,” stated Andrew Friedman, Dodger President of Baseball Operations


With the new scheduling changes where the NL West will face AL West,  the Dodgers will have to play the Houston Astros.

The Astros, who beat the Dodgers in a seven-game run in 2017 and won the World Series championship, were fined by the MLB organization $5 million for cheating. A sign-stealing scandal hangs over the team’s head forever.

Your thoughts on facing the Astros?

“We talked a lot about this in spring training. It’s human nature to go back and relive and think about 2017. It just couldn’t be less productive at this point in time.
From our standpoint, they’re a good, talented team. It’s about beating them in 2020. It’s the only thing we can control at this point and where our energy is best spent,” said Friedman.

It will be a season to remember for sure.