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Los Angeles County claims 21 zip codes in top 100 in the U.S again, including #5 and #7 [PropertyShark report]

2022 has yet again been a year of new records in the country’s top zips, with many reaching dizzying new pricing heights, despite the wider economic shifts. Los Angeles County became the only county to claim two spots among the ten most expensive zip codes in the United States: #5 with Beverly Hills’ 90210 and #7 with Santa Monica’s 90402. 

Other key findings from our study:

  • Los Angeles County remains firmly in the lead with 21 of the most expensive U.S. zip codes 
  • Seven of the ten most exclusive zip codes in the U.S. can be found in California
  • Beverly Hills’ 90210 connects five ultra-pricey Los Angeles zips, forming a 13-mile supercluster of expensive real estate along Sunset Blvd.
  • The Bay Area and metro Los Angeles remain the priciest metropolitan areas in the U.S.
  • Silicon Valley and Southern California claim the 4 counties with highest concentrations of exclusive zips
  • The least expensive homes in Los Angeles County’s most expensive zip codes, despite median sale prices close to $4 million, have prices as low as $399,900 in Los Angeles’s 90077, $680,000 in Santa Monica’s 90402 and $795,000 in Beverly Hills’ 90210 
  • Nationwide, only 27 zip codes of the 128 in our top had medians under $2 million, with 17 from California 
  • Atherton nears $8 million median in sixth consecutive year as America’s priciest zip code
  • You can find the full breakdown here: https://www.propertyshark.com/Real-Estate-Reports/most-expensive-zip-codes-in-the-us/