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Charities Pay Tribute To Mary Tyler Moore

Jan 26, 2017 02:05 pm

Mary Tyler Moore: Profile

PETA has released the following statement on the animal activism of Mary Tyler Moore, who passed away this week.


“Mary will be missed not only for her comedic talent but also for her advocacy for animals,” said PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews, who worked closely with Mary Tyler Moore on her PETA campaigns. “Mary was the first star to donate her furs for PETA to use in protests and famously helped us release a 65-year-old lobster from a restaurant tank back into the ocean. She promoted animal adoption, hosted PETA’s video exposé of the abuse of horses for the drug Premarin, and believed that future generations would be shocked by the thought of eating meat.”

Mary Tyler Moore also co-founded Broadway Barks – annual animal charity event held in New York City to promote the adoption of shelter animals – with Bernadette Peters, and served as the International chairperson of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.


The JDRF has released the following statement:

“Mary was an American treasure who lit up the screen with her endearing performances that made her beloved by millions,” said Derek Rapp, president and CEO of JDRF. “But for those of us whose lives have been impacted by this terrible disease, it was her off-stage role as a person living with T1D that will be her most enduring legacy. Mary was a champion for our cause and on behalf of the entire JDRF family and T1D community, we offer our deepest gratitude and heartfelt condolences to her family and her husband, S. Robert Levine, M.D., who is also a true friend of JDRF.”

Mary Tyler Moore was first diagnosed with T1D at the age of 33, and in 1984 she became the international chairman of JDRF. Her relentless pursuit to achieve a world without T1D impacted countless lives and helped accelerate JDRF’s research and progress toward finding a cure, while also allowing the organization to focus on the development and delivery of transformational therapies for all those living with T1D.

Lending her name and her voice to the movement, Mary Tyler Moore advocated to Congress, increased public awareness, and helped raise billions of dollars to fund scientific advances in research that today are helping to remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives.


JDRF has established a special tribute site at to honor and celebrate the life of Mary Tyler Moore. provides a community for Mary’s fans and those impacted by T1D to share their affection, memories and appreciation.

“I want to invite everyone who knew and loved Mary to join us in leaving a remembrance in her honor at,” said Rapp. “Together we can celebrate everything she is, was, and always will be.”



Prince Harry Visits Help For Heroes Hidden Wounds Service

Jan 26, 2017 12:30 pm
Prince Harry visited Help for Heroes Recovery Centre, Tedworth House, this week to learn more about the range of support available within the field of military mental health.

Prince Harry visits Help for Heroes' Hidden Wounds service
Prince Harry visits Help for Heroes’ Hidden Wounds service
Credit/Copyright: Royal.UK

Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds service provides free and confidential support to Ex-Service Personnel, their families and the families of those still serving, who are living with anxiety, depression, stress, anger or early stage alcohol issues. The service has helped 1,000 beneficiaries to access support since it began.

The visit began with an overview of one element of Help for Heroes’ Psychological Wellbeing offering: the Hidden Wounds service at Tedworth House Recovery Centre. Hidden Wounds is a psychological support service helping Veterans and family members. The service allows people to make contact by phone, Skype or online, to speak to an experienced Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP), and after an initial assessment, they are given the support which will ultimately enable them to self-manage their issues.

This boosts their resilience and confidence that they will be able to lead fulfilling lives after leaving the military. Prince Harry spoke to a PWP to learn what happens when someone gets in touch, and what a difference having this conversation can make.

Help for Heroes is a member of Contact, a Charity Partner of Heads Together. Contact is a collaboration of military charities, the NHS, the MoD and top academics working together to make the most effective mental health support easily accessible to the Armed Forces community.

The Prince had the opportunity to learn more about the wider programmes available within Tedworth House, designed to promote wellbeing. First, he met some of those involved in a programme to build an Iron Age Round House in the grounds of the Help for Heroes Recovery Centre, giving time for reflection, team work and space to be outdoors before visiting the garden, where again beneficiaries can come and work outdoors giving space for quiet reflection, understanding the value of nutrition in wellbeing, and the opportunity to be creative.

Commitment levels for participation in both programmes range from a few hours to working towards City and Guilds qualifications. Here, he had the opportunity to speak to beneficiaries about how their involvement with the programme has helped them deal with tough times they have faced.

At the end of the visit Prince Harry sat down for a chat with some Help for Heroes beneficiaries, and the people who have supported them through tough times they have faced, to hear how having an open conversation and reaching out for support has made such a difference.


Annie Lennox: The Rights Of Women And Girls Is Back On The Agenda In A BIG Way

Jan 26, 2017 11:30 am

Annie Lennox: Profile

Annie Lennox has blogged about women’s rights following the massive turnout to Women’s Marches around the world.

“As a long time passionate and committed advocate for the rights of women and girls, I know full well that it will take a lot more than one single collective march to create sustainable/ logistical transformation when it comes to gender equality and rights,” she wrote. “The core heat seemed to go out of the Women’s Liberation movement decades ago, and only a couple of years ago the word ‘Feminist’ has been more than often a cause for confusion, division and provocation in one way or another… as it still is.

“The good news is that the rights of women and girls is back on the agenda in a BIG way.

“The younger generation of women and men, girls and boys will be the ones to carry the baton and make sure it is guided towards effective long term transformation.

“I’ve always known that the issue is stronger when everyone stands shoulder to shoulder with a shared common goal.

“The word Feminism is like a tree with many branches belonging to the same fundamental roots.

“Human rights… empowerment… justice and respect.”

Read Annie’s blog here.


Pamela Anderson Delivers Warm Vegan Hats And Gloves To Refugees

Jan 26, 2017 10:15 am
PETA took a special ambassador to a Dunkirk refugee camp today: Pamela Anderson, who delivered warm vegan hats and gloves, along with hundreds of animal-themed activity books and coloured pencils, to children who have been forced to flee their home countries.


The trilingual educational activity books (in English, Farsi, and Arabic and French, Farsi, and Arabic) are full of child-friendly facts about animals, pictures, quizzes, and other activities, allowing children to improve their language skills as well as their knowledge of other living beings in a fun way. PETA has donated hundreds of the colouring books to refugee day centres across the UK and France and also made them available for free download on its website.

“As a mother and a longtime animal advocate, Pamela Anderson has a huge heart for those in need”, says PETA Director Elisa Allen. “She was eager to deliver vegan knitwear and educational activity books that will provide a little warmth and comfort to these children who have lost so much.”

PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to abuse in any way” – named Anderson its 2016 Person of the Year for her efforts to encourage vegan eating, for her opposition to circuses that use animals, and for speaking out about fur, among many other actions for animals.


Richard Branson Celebrates London’s Air Ambulance As It Turns 28

Jan 26, 2017 09:00 am

Richard Branson: Profile

Sir Richard Branson has blogged about London’s Air Ambulance, which is celebrating its 28th anniversary.

“One of the more unusual things that has happened in my life is being rescued by emergency helicopters no less than five times,” he wrote. “If it wasn’t for these helicopters and teams, I am certain I wouldn’t be alive today.

“London’s Air Ambulance remains a charity very close to my heart, and is celebrating its 28th anniversary. To mark the occasion has launched a new digital timeline. I enjoyed taking a journey through the service’s interactive history (you can spot yours truly along the way). The timeline shows its highs and lows, battles against adversity, and the great work the team has done to save tens of thousands of lives.

“The Air Ambulance treats an average of five critically-injured people every day; airborne within just four minutes of activation and landing safely in the busy streets of London – be it in the middle of Trafalgar Square or on the embankment. The service was launched in 1989 following a report by the Royal College of Surgeons that stated too many people were dying on the streets unnecessarily. Today, the service is at the forefront of medical innovation, delivering pioneering procedures, including roadside open chest surgery, anaesthesia and blood transfusions. It truly is a wonderful charity, doing pioneering things to keep Londoners safe.”

To read the full blog, and find out how to donate to the Air Ambulance and support it’s work, click here.


Newman’s Own Foundation Awards $2.5 Million in Grants to Independent Media

Jan 26, 2017 07:45 am

Paul Newman: Profile

Newman’s Own Foundation, founded by the late actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, today announced that it is awarding $2.5 million in grants over two years to 16 public broadcasting radio and television networks across the United States.

The grants affirm the value of preserving trusted sources and multiple perspectives for news and other informational programming.

Most of the stations will use their grants as challenges to stimulate donor giving. Two will direct funding to programming or special projects.

“Independent media is essential to bringing civil dialogue to communities,” said Robert Forrester, President and CEO of Newman’s Own Foundation. “We are proud to help these stations as they continue their important work in giving a voice to many perspectives.”

The organizations receiving grants are:
• Arizona PBS, Tempe, AZ
• Blue Ridge Public Television, Roanoke, VA
• Channel 5 Public Broadcasting, Reno, NV
• Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, Hartford, CT
• Florida West Coast Public Broadcasting, Tampa, FL
• Foundation for Public Broadcasting in Georgia, Atlanta, GA
• Greater Cincinnati Television Educational Foundation (CET), Cincinnati, OH
• Greater Washington Educational Telecommunications Association (WETA), Arlington, VA
• KCETLink, Burbank, CA
KQED, San Francisco, CA
• Minnesota Public Radio, Saint Paul, MN
• National Public Radio, Washington, DC
• North Texas Public Broadcasting, Dallas, TX
• Illinois Public Media, Urbana, IL
WNET/Channel 13, New York, NY
WSHU Public Radio, Fairfield, CT

Jerry Franklin, president and CEO of Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network, summed up the value of challenge grants in generating additional support for independent media. “The Newman’s Own Foundation Challenge grant was the first of its kind to come to our organization. The Foundation has served as a trailblazer in this area, allowing us to leverage challenge grants from several other foundations, corporations, and even small businesses,” said Franklin. “Our audiences have come to recognize Newman’s Own Foundation as the gold standard for challenge grants, making the challenge grant our single most effective tool during pledge drives.”

Paul Newman founded Newman’s Own, the food and beverage company, in 1982, with a commitment to donate 100% of the profits to charity. Today, Newman’s Own Foundation is the sole owner of the company and continues this charitable promise. Together, Paul Newman and the Foundation have donated more than $485 million to thousands of charities around the world.

For more information about the Foundation’s support of independent media and other initiatives, visit


Spotlight: LeAnn Rimes’s Charity Work

Jan 26, 2017 06:00 am

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is a spokesperson for the Children’s Miracle Network.

Read more about LeAnn Rimes’s charity work and events.

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