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Gran Canaria – A Great Natural Film Set

Gran-CanariaGran Canaria hosted last year’s filming of Paramount’s Allied starring Brad Pitt. The shooting took place on different locations of Gran Canaria, recreating the golden 30’s in Casablanca, Africa. The producers and cast were delighted with the landscapes, the nature of its people and the quality of the local professionals that worked on the movie. The excellent predisposition of the local companies and collaborating entities, and the high citizen participation, resulted in a successful filming.

Kansas City Cash!

Kansas City EPFrom EP Financial Solutions: It’s not only states and nations that provide tax incentives for producers; a number of cities within the U.S. are creating incentives to lure filmmakers into their borders. Consider Kansas City, Missouri: offering up to a 7.5% rebate on qualified spend, this Midwestern metropolis puts both urban vibrancy and small town charm easily within a producer’s reach. Recent productions that have filmed there include the indie sensation American Honey.

West Virginia – Right Time, Right Place

West VirginiaFamous for their hospitality and beauty, West Virginia locations have always been a popular backdrop for productions filmed in the Mountain State. Notably, J.J. Abrams chose the City of Weirton for Paramount’s blockbuster Super 8. Abrams said, “The casting of this movie was the town . . . Weirton was just perfect. I was worried that we would overstay our welcome. But the greatest reward was the people. They were kind. They were patient. They were accommodating.”

Colombia – The Location To Your Next Film

ColombiaColombia’s cash rebate has been very successful. Since its launch in 2013, 30 projects have landed in Colombia. The rebate offers a 40% reimbursement in film services and 20% for film logistic services, a rebate like no other in Latin America. Of the 30 projects, 17 have already been completely payed, proving Colombia is a vibrant, diverse location and a trustworthy, reliable and safe place to shoot. Some of the projects shot in 2016 were Jungle, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Pickpockets directed by Peter Webber, and Escobar starring Javier Bardem and Penélope Cruz.

Film And Coproduce With Mexico

COME FILMMexico is a powerful film destination offering quality service, professional crew, and government support. The landscapes are unique because of their history, tradition, and weather conditions, which have been locations for projects like Roma, Spectre, Elysium, Texas Rising, Fear the Walking Dead, and many other international productions. In a one stop shop, COMEFILM provides information and assistance to producers looking to shoot in Mexico.