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Loaded Boards Launch Surf-Inspired Skateboard Collaboration with Carver!

New Loaded Carver Bolsa features CX & C7 truck systems by Carver with premium Orangatang components!

CULVER CITY, Calif.  – Loaded Boards, an innovative company dedicated to the growth of board sports through performance, is launching its new Bolsa surfskate deck on August 5.

The Loaded Carver Bolsa is designed around the surfskate experience and synergizes with Carver’s unique truck systems. It features a rocker profile, mild concave, flared wheel wells, and a deck width tailored for excellent turning leverage. It was designed exclusively around Carver’s CX and C7 truck systems, Orangatang 4President wheels, and Orangatang Knuckle bushings. The CX Surfskate, starting at $279, is a great all-around setup that can handle faster surf skating and slashy gravel sprays. The C7 Surfskate – smooth and flowy with turning action that lets you channel your inner surf god – starts at $299.

One of the most prestigious and well-known longboarding brands with a reputation for high-quality and environmentally friendly products, Loaded focuses on innovative design, unparalleled performance, lasting durability, and sustainably sourced production. Loaded offers something for everyone from novice riders to veteran enthusiasts with complete, ready-to-ride skateboards starting at just $204!

“The Loaded Carver Bolsa builds on the distinctive truck systems by Carver with a new high-performance deck and smooth and responsive Orangatang wheels and bushings,” notes Don Tashman, President and CEO of Loaded Boards. “These carefully curated setups embody the essence of surf skating – personal expression that lets you rip and have the best summer ever!”

About Loaded Boards

A global leader in longboards, Loaded Boards explores ways of emulating snowboarding and surfing on land with a passion for materials and a dedication to environmentally conscious design and production. The company focuses on manufacturing decks that embrace freestyle, freeriding, dancing, carving, and cruising, as well as specialized decks for downhill racing. Made from flexible bamboo, fiberglass, maple, and other innovative materials, the decks also offer unparalleled carving ability and reliable sturdiness. Loaded’s signature Orangatang brand wheels, with their unmistakable orange color, have become staples across the industry, supplying products to numerous other high-quality non-electric and electric board brands such as Evolve and Boosted. In 2018, Loaded Boards partnered with Unlimited Engineering to design and distribute electric skateboard kits and completes.

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