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Lillian Zeltser Aphrodisiacs Expert: Recipes for Love this Valentine’s Day 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 2/04/2021Lillian helps people to discover the power of aphrodisiacs and believes that natural aphrodisiacs are the fuel for our sexuality, which can help people restore, balance, and maintain their physical, emotional, and mental health! As we approach Valentine’s Day, she shares her recipes for love in her book, ‘Aphrodisiac Adventures.’ You will find important discoveries of ancient aphrodisiacs, personal experiences, amazing legends, and humorous stories, and many time-tested aphrodisiac recipes, which had been known to natives for hundreds of years and now supported by science and statistics. “When you discover how to embrace the world of Aphrodisiacs, you’ll be better able to handle most challenges that come your way!”- Lillian Zeltser                     


What is the best gift one could have for Valentine’s Day?    

Gifts are the stimulants, which should provoke your Valentine’s response to the message they carry. Presents that express your interest or sympathy to your Valentine would be different from those that express platonic love, or hot intimate passion and desire. It is a fine art! The wrongly chosen present can destroy the magic you are hoping to achieve by giving your gift. It became customary to surprise your Valentine with flowers, perfumes, or personal care products, however, unless you know your Valentine’s preference of the scent, you might achieve an undesired reaction in the best-case scenario. Or giving chocolates to someone who is health-conscious or who struggles to lose weight. The ultimate gift for any person who can read is an entertaining book, which can be turned into a timeless gift by personally signing and dating it.


Tell us about how aphrodisiacs are helping couples to recharge their batteries and live vibrant lives.

Aphrodisiacs are many things, which work through our senses, that trigger reaction, and responses. These include edible substances, like plants, seeds, herbs, roots, etc., or visual items, like jewelry, images, art, etc., or things that are pleasant to touch, like silk, fine cotton, velvet, skin, etc. While it seems to be simple on the surface, it is an art, which requires lots of knowledge. The quickest and most efficient way to aphrodisiac, which will work for you and your partner is to consult someone in the know – Aphrodisiacs Expert.


What do you enjoy most about aphrodisiacs? 


Despite the commonly-known aphrodisiacs definition of sexual stimulants, their work is not limited to just that. Aphrodisiacs offer much broader application as a physical, emotional, or mental remedy, which fuels our sexual energy. Weaving aphrodisiacs into every day of my life produces remarkable rewards. It turned my life into an exciting affair, where simple things like certain spices, music, words, scents, art, outfits, travel, etc. add their pleasant color into my life.


Tell us about your book that is gaining momentum in the US.

‘Aphrodisiac Adventures’ is my first book. People find it entertaining and informative because it contains aphrodisiac tips, effective time-tested aphrodisiac recipes, interesting facts, and humorous stories about uses of legendary aphrodisiacs by famous historical figures – Napoleon, Cleopatra, Tsar Peter the Great, King Solomon – just to name a few. The recipes are easy-to-follow, and the stories make perfect topics of conversation over the dinner table.


What are the key ingredients in your book for this Valentine’s Day? 

There are twelve key-ingredients in the book, which are usually available at your local health food or herbal stores. Enjoy the magic of Damiana cookies, or the love-wine made with Zallouh, which King Solomon served to the Queen of Sheba, or consider to warm up feelings of your Valentine with a delicious ‘Love-Chick’ made with wormwood, which helped Madame Pompadour to seduce Ling Louis XV, or simply prepare the irresistible Oyster’s Casanova with its secret powerful aphrodisiac ingredient.

For more information, free recipes, and stories read her book or watch fresh videos on YouTube Channel ‘Lillian Zeltser.’