Lineup Includes Presentations on the Standing Rock Movement, Wildlife Endangerment and Extinction, Challenging Islamophobia and More at the May 24-29 Music and Arts Festival in Bradley, CA

LOS ANGELES (May 2nd, 2017) – Lightning in a Bottle (LIB) has announced the lineups for the Landing and Haven areas, both part of LIB’s new educational hub debuting this year, The Compass, designed to empower and engage individuals. The roster of speakers and presenters will treat festivalgoers to immersive workshops surrounding grassroots political activism, social justice, climate change and indigenous land rights, digital activism, identifying truth in journalism and social media, decolonization, art activism, and more. 

LANDING: Standing Up For Our World –

The center of planetary activism at LIB, the Landing houses; the Earth Activist Hub, to engage with current environmental and wildlife campaigns; and the Grid, a place for learning about new technologies and their evolutionary applications. This also houses the Ecology Bazaar, hosting a network of organizations where one can learn how to integrate all of these actions into our lives beyond the festival, and the Artisan’s Market, featuring handmade goods, books and artwork from Compass presenters and teachers.

Indigenous Environmental Network at the Landing presents:

·         Building a Movement: Native/Non-Native Alliances & Strategies from Standing Rock

·         Historical Context of Indigenous Environmental Network

·         Discovering Our Indigenous Selves

·         From Traditional to Digital & New Media Strategies

All presented by Dallas Goldtooth, Tom Goldtooth, Clayton Thoman Muller and Jade Begay

Planet Experts at the Landing presents:

·         Plastic Pollution – Haley Jain Haggerstone

·         Why We Rise & Resist for the Amazon – Leila Salazar Lopez

·         Climate, Collapse & Capitalism – Julien Emile-Geay

·         Saving the World’s Endangered Wildlife – Pete Bethune

·         Saving the Last Place on Earth – Shane McGrath

·         Lions & Tigers & Bears Oh My! – Heather Rally

·         Using Virtual Reality to Promote Empathy – David Gardner

Talks and Panels at the Landing include:

·         Contemporary Indigenous Female Leadership – Violet Cavanaugh

·         Indigenous Land & Water Protection – Michael Paul Hill

·         Longing to Belong: An Unsettling Journey – Rain Crowe

·         Gene Editing Adult Humans – Andre Watson

·         Inspiring Community Action – Trathen Heckman

·         Know Your Rights – Cameron Bowman

·         Understanding & Challenging Islamophobia – Zara Zimbardo

·         For the Love of the Wild – Ayana Young

·         Attuning Your Body Using Sacred Harmonics, Sound & Light – Dr. Steven Schwartz

·         Where Technology Can Take Us in Health and Medicine – Daniel Kraft MD

·         Conscious Entrepreneurship: Robert Kandell

·         Using Money to Make Change – Andre Armeni

·         Through the Eyes of a Climate Scientist – Nathan Wolworth

·         Fossil Fuels & Heavy Metals: Extractive Industry in Local Communities Panel – Planet Experts

·         What is Humanism?- Justin Gunn, Jim Underwood, Debbie Goddard, Annabelle Gurwitch

·         Chasing Time – Fighting the Sixth Mass Extinction Panel – Planet Experts

·         Women in Music Panel: Addressing Inequality

HAVEN: Healing Our World –

The Haven is a place to receive bodywork and healing sessions, as well as to learn about these modalities as well as interpersonal dynamics and personal growth in the Healing Arts Study.

Talks and workshops at the Haven include:

·         Warriors of the Shambhala Prophecy – Rigzin Tromge

·         Restorative Justice and Beyond – Rain Crowe

·         Long Term Sacred Relationships – Millard Murphy

·         Radical Honesty in Action – Robert Kandell

·         Putting the Being Back in Human – Phillip Scott

·         You Can Heal Yourself – PJ Swartz

·         Sex, Love & Awakening: 4 Keys to Ecstatic Partnership – Shena Jade Jensen

·         Mindfulness Meditation – Wasfia Nazreen

·         Ayurvedic Alchemy – Jai Dev Singh

·         Healing the Masculine and Feminine – Achintya Devi & Shems Heartwell

·         Slippery When Wet: Fertility Awareness – Samantha Zipporah

·         Good in Bed/Good in Birth: Oxytocin and the Biochemistry of Bliss – Samantha Zipporah

·         Empowered Masculine: Building Bridges to the Sacred – Shems Heartwell

·         Spirit of Acupuncture Points – Sheila Marie Campbell

·         Mantra Medicine – Taya Malakian

·         Reiki Healing: A Journey Within – Alejandra Castaneda

·         Harm Reduction 101 – DanceSafe

Workshops, presentations and speakers lineups for the Beacon, Craft, and Crossroads areas were previously announced, as well as the musical lineup for The Compass.

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Lightning in a Bottle Arts and Music Festival™ located at San Antonio Lake in Bradley, CA. Starting off with a core focus on environmental stewardship and penchant for captivating experiences, LIB has evolved every year since its inception more than a decade ago. From humble beginnings as a birthday party to, today, being a crown jewel in the international festival community, LIB is beloved for its art-first focus, potent emerging music lineups and visceral weave of cultures and experience. In the newest area at LIB, the Compass, represents a rededicated emphasis on social change and conscious activism.

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