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America’s Premier Lifestyle Show, “ALIVE & WELL” with Michelle Harris 

“Doing Good while Living Well” 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 06/14/2020 – Celebrities have always been at the forefront of beauty and wellness trends but during these challenging times, health and wellness have become a hot topic for all of us. Now, everyone is tuning into “ALIVE & WELL” with wellness lifestyle expert Michelle Harris. This award-winning half-hour TV series shows viewers how to get the most out of life!

How does doing good while living well resonate with you? 

Doing good is a part of living well. “ALIVE & WELL” showcases the mind and body connection. For me, doing good is a large part of that connection. No matter who you are, doing good helps to improve your world. It makes everything better in the lives of those around you and your own life. You can’t separate the two. Right now we are seeing how doing good can impact the world, and ourselves. Living well is about being your best self with health, fitness, beauty, wellness, empowerment, and community.

As a Host of America’s Premier Lifestyle Show, what trends are you seeing? 

Our new reality is one of spending more time on our health and spending more time at home. People are looking for comfort and anything that makes them feel better.

Healthy comfort foods are one big trend. Making the switch from beef burgers to Beyond or Impossible burgers is one huge trend. All of the comfort with less of the guilt.

Telemedicine is one trend that everyone is using! It’s easy, time-saving, and helps doctors and patients where an office visit is not needed. Definitely part of our wellness future!

Of course, everyone can’t wait to get back to their beauty routines, so I think the home-spa trend is one that is here to stay. Incorporating additional beauty and relaxation into our everyday lives is part of the self-care we need right now. Do that yoga app, add an essential oil aromatherapy diffuser, or de-clutter your home so it feels better to be at home. All of these are going to be part of the “new normal” making us feel better!

I am also seeing Sambucol Black Elderberry as a big trend. Concentrated black elderberry syrup helps to fortify and support a healthy immune system which is always important, but even more so in the world today. It is a unique extract rich in antioxidant flavonoids. Sambucol is now the most popular and extensively researched Black Elderberry product in the world.

Celebrities have always been at the forefront of beauty and wellness trends. Have you noticed big changes during these turbulent times? 

Even now, people are still interested in celebrity trends! Because things have been shut down, we have seen fewer trends, but they are still there! Beauty trends to watch for are even more effective, less invasive treatments for skin laxity. There is also a new cellulite treatment coming out that I can’t wait to try that is sure to be a big hit!

I also love a new celebrity trend called Skin Five. It’s quick and easy skin care treatments. You can do five in under two hours! Skin Five currently has two locations here in southern California (Century City and Pacific Palisades). It’s part of self-care that we all need right now! As we re-open we have plenty to look forward to!

What is the best piece of advice that you have received? 

It may sound cliché, but my mother always told me to treat people the way you would like to be treated. I think it’s a great rule to follow. Having respect and kindness be your code of ethics can never be wrong.

Please share some of your hot topics for “ALIVE & WELL.” 

We always stay on top of the hottest wellness, beauty, and lifestyle trends, and we have some great topics this season! We will be covering even more ways to promote good health, plant-based recipes and trends, eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives, beauty and aesthetic trends, and more home-based health and fitness trends. One upcoming episode features a new townhome development with the largest “living wall” in the country. It’s like a giant vertical garden. We are excited to get back to work!

How are you impacting the world? 

I am so grateful to be able to help people as part of my job. Hosting and being a producer on our television show, Alive & Well allows me to get information to people to help them live better lives and look and feel their best. Promoting positivity is something we strive for on Alive & Well and personally. Difficult times make it a necessity to help people physically but also mentally.

We are also committed to helping people in other ways. As a show and as individuals, we like to be involved with our community. I love volunteering and advocating for animal and environmental causes. 

You are the Founder of Animal Angels. Tell us about your non-profit. 

Animal Angels is something that I am very passionate about! I have always loved animals and I have done everything from rescue and education to lobbying on animal issues. Animal Angels is a Hollywood-based animal advocacy and rescue group where celebrities can speak out and draw attention to important animal causes. It’s a labor of love for me and my fellow Angels and friends like Alexandra Paul, Taylor Hasselhoff, and Patricia DeLeon. We do everything from rescues to fundraising, education, adoption events, and more. 

Who are a few of your favorite celebrities? Who would you like to see on your show? 

Being based in L.A. we are fortunate to have a lot of celebrities on the show, but I do have my fantasy list. I would love to have Nicole Kidman on and get some of her beauty secrets! In addition to being an amazing Actor, Joaquin Phoenix follows a plant-based diet and our show is plant-based, so that would be awesome!


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