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Life Is A Cabaret with Paris Chansons

Jack Jasper, Julia Kantor & Max Cohen (Photo: THT)

Steamers Jazz at Campus Jax 9/13/20

By Valerie Milano

Newport Beach, CA (The Hollywood Times) 9/14/20 – On a pleasant Sunday night at the stroke of sunset, Campus Jax in Newport Beach played host to the eclectic music of Paris Chansons, an international Jazz sextet that delivered their own version of French cooking for a friendly, enthusiastic outdoor audience of around 100 guests.

Diners and concert goers: Betty, Diana, Valerie & Gail with infamous Max Cohen

Paris Chansons describes itself as a French band with a twist. It gives you oldies from songbooks of Piaf and Aznavour as well as Euro classics laced with folk melodies from Italy, Russia and Eastern Europe. The group is well drilled and combines Jazzy improvisation, Gypsy violin and the charisma of lead singer Julia Kantor to irresistible effect.

Paris Chansons is the musical baby of husband and wife team Jacob and Julia Kantor. Julia is Ukrainian born but spent her formative years in Paris absorbing the music and culture while hubby Jacob is a Russian born singer/songwriter/guitarist whose energized guitar work is the beating rhythmic heart of the ensemble.

Campus Jax owner Jack Jasper has done a great job providing the Newport Beach citizenry (and beyond) a socially observant, first rate entertainment option on Sunday nights with its Steamers Jazz series. Top notch music and Jack’s famous Spicy Buttery Shrimp is a slam dunk date-night combo that I’ll be indulging in more often. Life is indeed a Cabaret.