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Leila Tolentino Cristobal of Jazzy Beauty Bar: Shares Elegant Services and Vegan Cruelty-Free Products

By Debra Wallace
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 12/31/21 – Jazzy Beauty Bar has opened its location in Pasadena and is opening new shops in Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica soon.
Jazzy Beauty Bar, owned by Leila Tolentino Cristobal, aims to make you reach elegant beauty from their services offered and vegan cruelty-free products. Jazzy Beauty Bar offers a multitude of services in hair such as styling, coloring, cuts, and more, nail services such as mani, pedi, acrylic, etc., full threading for eyebrow, upper and lower lip, and chin, and so much more.
“It’s always a team effort at our company, as everyone is entailed to do the best at their job,” explains Leila. “It’s important to remember that there is always light ahead of us at the end of the tunnel.”
Leila, your passion for beauty can be traced back to the several beauty salons and spas that you owned with your then-partner James Cooper. Share your background.
I am a professionally certified Public Accountant that used to be my profession before I started working in beauty. Since my previous position had me exposed to numbers and administration work, it wasn’t difficult to pick up on the business aspect of having my own beauty bar and cosmetics line. But the biggest challenge when I started was having zero knowledge of cosmetics.
So, I went to Paris to learn all of the skin tones of each ethnicity to be able to provide the best and accurate formulations for all of them. I took this opportunity to also search and collaborate with the best manufacturing company that could help us create more and serve our clientele needs.
What have you learned as an entrepreneur?
I’ve learned that it’s honestly a continuous learning experience. It’s hard work, blood, sweat, and tears but the more you stumble or fall, the more reason we need to keep ongoing. The most important challenges are ones we can overcome.
Tell us about the Jazzy Beauty Bar.
The beauty bar is composed of all services and now we cater as a noninvasive medical spa that gives every customer a beauty glam that is safe to do and use as well.
Jazzy Beauty Bar is getting noticed by celebrities. What VIP treatment can they expect?
We give only very few VIP slots, around 30 annually, and when given the chance to receive it, you should use it to experience wonderful and tremendous products and services by well-known professionals in the cosmetic industry.
Elegant beauty services and vegan cruelty-free products are important to you. What do you offer?
All of our hair, make-up, and skin-care products are vegan and cruelty-free which is important to us because we care about what our consumers and customers use for their daily skin regimen.
Tell us about your new cosmetic line, Jazzy France. What makes this line so special?
This cosmetic make-up line is made in Paris, it is Vegan and 100 percent cruelty-free. It has an array of complete color cosmetics, professional hair products, and accessories which all are made with PROFESSIONAL quality.
Can you please share a few favorites?
I would say all but if I only had to choose a few- you can never go wrong with nudes, which is actually my favorite color for all products we have. Our concealer foundation is the best, I also love our lipsticks with 100 percent coverage and 24hr long wear and stay. nudes you never go wrong, that’s my favorite color for all products we have, but our concealer foundation is the best, lipsticks and with 100 percent coverage, 24 hours long wear and stay.
The New Year is around the corner, can you share any tips on how to be holiday-ready?
Normally, the shopping for our loved ones, friends, and family starts in January but there’s a lot of them. The good thing about it is that there is no rush and get when you get to buy our products you don’t need to worry about expiration as it starts once you open it and there is an indication on the number of months which is good. All the discounted products are on top of it.
Please share your social media.
You can follow us on IG, FB, Twitter and for exclusive distributorship, our website is www.jazzyfrance.com