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Leaving My Father’s Faith: A Review

By Deanna Proach
(The Hollywood Times) 3/2/18 – After a brief conversation with Bart Campolo over Skype, I requested a link to the private screening of his film, “Leaving My Father’s Faith” to which Bart readily accepted. Within minutes after our conversation ended, the filmmaker, John Wright emailed me the link to the screening.

Bart and Tony Campolo

The internationally recognized evangelist and bestselling author, Tony Campolo is devastated when his 50-year-old son, Bart announced that he is no longer a Christian. Based on their bestselling book, Why I Left, Why I Stayed: Conversations on Christianity Between an Evangelical Father and His Humanist Son, “Leaving My Father’s Faith” follows the conversations between Tony and Bart. Tony gives his reason why he remains a Christian while Bart explains why he is no longer a believer.
“Leaving My Father’s Faith” is engaging. The graphics used throughout the film as well as the music added an element of drama which kept my interest. Also, the imagery from Bart’s past enabled me to learn more about him: why he became a Christian when he was young, but why the doubts that crept into his mind caused him to eventually leave the Christian faith. Watching Bart and Tony talk openly about their respective reasons for staying/leaving the Christian faith without showing any animosity towards each other is heart warming. It’s also encouraging to see father and son carry on a close relationship despite their differences in faith.
John Wright

Tony and Bart’s story is not unique. Many people can relate to their experience, so for that reason, I highly recommend “Leaving My Father’s Faith” to the doubting Christian, the devoted Christian and to many other people who have left the Christian faith for one reason or the other.
Leaving My Father's Faith DVD