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Leah Lamarr: the Newest Comedian Phenom

By Kevin Dranoff

Leah Lamarr is reaching new heights daily with recently created app “Clubhouse”, which has become very popular during Covid-19.  Leah Lamarr has gained over 195,000 followers on the app in around just four months.  Lamarr had no real connection to the app other than she was making both herself and the app more recognizable by being extremely popular on the platform.

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app. The company describes itself as “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”  For Leah Lamarr it led her to being a talking point on the Joe Rogan Podcast for her work on Clubhouse.  Rogan would go and mention that he didn’t think Clubhouse would stick around but here it is 10 million plus users later.  Sorry Joe!

Now Lamarr’s face is being used as the icon for the app.  Lamarr is beyond grateful and calls the app her home spending most of her free time on it.  She’s using the platform to promote her “ever-growing, hilarious and supportive international comedy community @hotonthemic.

Lamarr doesn’t just do audio on the internet having recently opened up for Dane Cook in Las Vegas.  You can follow her on social media for regular updates on her life and career or just check out her personal website below.

Leah Lamarr’s Website: https://www.leahlamarr.com/

Leah Lamarr on ClubHouse:  https://joinclubhouse.com/@LeahLamarr

Leah Lamarr Instagram & Twitter – @LeahLamarr