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Is Lazarus the Wokest Rapper in the Game?

By Kevin Dranoff

(The Hollywood Times) 10/2/20 –  Rapper Lazarus aka Dr. Khan has been shaking up the high-brow intellectuals in the hip-hop world. Names like Redman, Chuck D, Ghostface Killah, & many more have endorsed the doctor as one of the most innovative emcees currently in the genre of hip-hop.  The mission in hip-hop is to uplift the people.  Something I learned over a decade ago from @Pacewon.

It’s an incredible feat whenever an artist is doing more than just singing or rapping.  Chris Brown was amazing because of the way he could not only rap and sing but also dance.  Lazarus has gained massive success in an industry that will reject you in an instant.  He’s done all of this while carrying positive messages of health awareness as well as factual information from his first-hand experiences.

When not in surgery or prescribing medication Lazarus is repping Detroit.  He was born there into a Muslim family from Pakistan.  He attended Michigan State University and Wayne University where the latter has a graduation rate of 38%.  Typically this is not the path of a rapper who has worked with the top artists from Detroit.

Russell Simmons and Rapper Lazarus Use Hip Hop To Fight Heart Disease

Lazarus caught so much buzz he caught the attention of rapper Redman who adlibs the newest Lazarus track called “Medical Marijuana”.  Redman took to social media and excitedly brags to the world that “Dr. Khan is the only doctor rapping about medical marijuana”.

I caught on before all of this when Lazarus dropped his music video for “GODFLOW” in 2017 which was a great way to be introduced to him.  The visual effects and the music video are better than what I’m used to from some of my favorite artists.  I guess it helps that he has a nice budget to work with from working in the hospital.  I think even Dr. Dre would agree that there’s a new doctor on the hip-hop scene.

Lazarus – “GODFLOW” (100 Bars)


Lazarus | Freestyle | Shade 45


Lazarus – “Medical Marijuana” ft. Redman


Find Lazarus on instagram @lazdetroit

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