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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Guide

By Meg Taylor

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/10/20 – Valentine’s Day snuck up on us this year, just like many romantic relationships typically do.

With the holiday of love quickly approaching, here are some gifts, tips and date ideas to make a memorable night.

Last Minute Gift Options

Give her a flower that will last for months! The Natural Fragrance rose is a gorgeous, eco-sustainable present that lasts three to four months, preserving the perfection of nature’s most aromatic and beautiful flower months beyond the holiday. Retailing for $19.99, the rose is available in 8 scents and colors. This sweet gift is perfect for your significant other or even a sibling, daughter or mother. The Natural Fragrance rose is available for purchase at www.naturalfragrancerose.com and Amazon.com.

Karen Lazar Design has stunning pieces for every woman. Her signature gold bead bracelets have been worn by celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet and Angelina Jolie.

Lazar’s collection consists of bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets and earrings; prices vary depending on gemstones and diamonds. Some suggested statement pieces for Valentine’s Day include the 3MM Rose Gold Filled Bracelet with Classic Ruby ($85), 4MM Yellow Gold Filled Bracelet with Classic Ruby ($95), 2MM Yellow Gold Filled Bracelet with 14K Heart Bead ($110), 2MM Yellow Gold Filled Bracelet with 14K Ruby Bean ($295), AND the 3MM Yellow
Gold Filled Bracelet with 14K Diamond Heart Charm ($295). To shop and check out other pieces, head over to https://karenlazardesign.com.

Last Minute Date Idea
Look no further for the most magical date spot—The Museum of Dream Space (MODS). Located in Beverly Hills, MODS is the first digital art museum in the U.S. The museum consists of numerous breathtaking light exhibits that make for the most insta-worthy pictures. It’s extremely romantic; maybe even a beautiful setting to propose to your significant other in. If you cannot make it on Valentine’s Day, this spot is always a great date destination. You can purchase tickets at www.modsla.com. Use the Valentine’s day promo code “LOVE25” for 25% off admission.

Pro-Tips For The Night
Keep your breath fresh and your teeth white for the inescapable photo ops. EverSmiles WhitenFresh is a patented cleaning, freshening and tooth whitening spray that also kills bacteria
that cause bad breath and tooth decay. It’s perfect for refreshing your breath after your Valentine’s Day dinner. To apply, simply spray the whitener on your tongue, swirl it on your teeth with your tongue, then swish for 5-20 seconds. It retails for only $14.99 and can be used safely up to 6 times per day. To purchase and learn more, head over to https://eversmilewhite.com/collections/whitenfresh.