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Lake Perris State Recreation Area Boating Fees Increase May 1

PERRIS, Calif.— California State Parks announced today it will increase boat use fees at Lake Perris State Recreation Area(SRA) from $8 to $10 as of May 1, 2019.

Lake Perris and Silverwood Lake SRA will now have consistent boat use fees of $10 per vessel as well as day-use fees of $10. These fees will be consistent for Southern California Inland Empire state reservoirs, which serve many of the same visitors within the region.


Lake Perris, an 8,800 acre state recreation area, is bounded by three sides by low ridges. When 80 perfect full, the lake’s elevation is 1,580 feet above sea level, covering 1,800 surface acres. Boating activities include fishing, water skiing, waterboarding, personal watercraft operation, windsurfing, sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking. Other activities include bird watching, hiking, rock climbing and camping.

Lake Perris’ water level has been restored following the Dam Remediation project, and all launch ramps are open. Annual day use and boat use passes are available at the park or online at


Lake Perris is located about 65 miles south of Los Angeles and 11 miles southeast of Riverside.

As a reminder, operators of motorized boats on California waterways need to obtain a California Boater Card. This year, those 25 years and younger are required to complete a NASBLA/state-approved boater safety education exam and obtain their boater card. By 2025, all persons who operate on California waters will be required to have one. For more information, please visit

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