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LadyKillerTV Premieres ‘Camp Blood Sex’ on Pornhub.com October 18

(Las Vegas, NV / October 18, 2019) — LadyKillerTV, the highly-anticipated erotic horror series created by former Five Finger Death Punch drummer Jeremy Spencer, is set to release ‘Camp Blood Sex’ at Pornhub.com starting October 18th through November 1st.
The Friday the 13thinspired parody stars Nikki Benz and Reya Sunshine as campers that are terrorized by a masked killer with a thirst for blood and revenge, with Spencer adding his own twist – and a cameo appearance – to the terrifying vignette.
“Halloween is creeping up on us pretty quickly, so we’re kicking off a favorite episode from the series on Pornhub – and fans of the erotic horror genre will not be disappointed,” said LadyKillerTV  producer Pierre Vincent. “We look forward to Pornhub fans checking out LadyKillerTV and letting us know what they think.”
Spencer – who created, co-directed (with Party Bus to Hell cinematographer Michael Su, who lso co-edited), co-produced, wrote the screenplay and provided music for LadyKillerTV – also spoofs five more horror classics:
‘1, 2, Eddy’s Cummin in U’ with Adriana Chechik
‘The Sexorcist’ with Tori Black
‘The O Ring’ with Tori Black and Tommy Pistol
‘Psych-Ho’ starring Nicole Aniston
‘The Whining’ with Abella Danger and Jynx Maze.
To find out more about LadyKillerTV, visit Ladykillertv.com
IG: @ladykillertv
Twitter: @ladykillerTV1
LadyKiller TV is a horror/erotica series created by former metal drummer Jeremy Spencer, as an homage to his favorite horror movies. With tongue-in-cheek titles like ‘The Whining’, ‘Psych-Ho’ and ‘The Sexorcist’, Spencer employed top porn stars Tori Black, Nicole Aniston, Nikki Benz, Abella Danger, Jynx Maze, Reya Sunshine, Adriana Chechik and Tommy Pistol.
Their various characters no longer play the typical female victim roles; instead, they triumph as the empowered ‘killers’. LadyKiller TV represents a whole new genre: softcore and horror – the combination has never been this entertaining….
Jeremy Spencer is the former drummer for the metal band Five Finger Death Punch and creator of the horror/erotica series LadyKiller TV. In 2012 he was named Golden God’s Best Drummer by Revolver Magazine, and was voted Best Drummer of 2015 by Loudwire. His autobiography, Death Punch’d—Surviving Five Finger Death Punch’s Metal Mayhem, was published on September 2, 2014 by HarperCollins imprint Dey St, and named a New York Times Celebrity Bestseller. He was also voted Best Drummer at the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards.