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LA Art Show 2019

Dr. Drew Pinsky and Underwood (Photo: THT)
By: Cynthia Underwood
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 1/25/19 – Watch out NYC! On-fire LA art world teams up with Hollywood elite in a fashionable opening night Gala of the LA Art Show, benefits of which go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. What a night! Read on art lovers…..

Here is a behind the scenes look at what the one and only curator of the VIP lounge art has to say about how creating the show goes: “I start looking around two months before but am really working 24 hours before when I’ve gotten the renderings of what the space is going to look like. I’m exhausted but it’s so worth it”.

Gavin Rossdale and Kate Beckinsale
LA Art Show opening night gala, Los Angeles, USA – 23 Jan 2019 (Photo: Rob Latour/Variety/REX/Shutterstock)

Angela Northrup from St. Judes says: “When doctors find a new disease that no one has ever seen or heard of they contact us and we get to work figuring out how to treat it”.


What I found seriously amazing about St. Jude, beyond their already amazing program of treating kids with diseases like cancer and any other disease, is that they will continue to treat those kids after they’re over 18 FOR FREE. This is a hospital that does not charge parents a penny to treat their kids. In our conflicted political times it is such a breath of fresh air to find a hospital that is really only working for the good of people. What a truly needed hospital! Thank you so much Angela Northrup for your time and work with St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

St. Jude put on such a fantastic night of inspiring art and tons of fun! Thousands of art stars, Hollywood stars and regular Joes came to the opening night of the LA Art Show. The venue itself was gorgeously designed and there was plenty of food like gourmet hot dogs topped with all the fixin’s, a sake bar, sweets and, of course, delicious wine galore. Did I mention the fashion that was on par with the art? Artists do us no wrong when it comes to how they present themselves either by how they dress or in their epic artwork.

(Photo: THT)

I had a chance to speak with Lorenzo Marini who creates work that deals with typography and is created using printmaking methods and other mixed media. He states that an “O” has no beginning or end” He created this piece showing the “o” as a sort of universe with no end. I had never thought about that before but when he said that I completely got it. This is why I love artists.  They open our world with new ways of thinking.

Valerie Milano, Sr. Editor of The Hollywood Times, and I mingled with the artists, gallerists and curators as we browsed through the art.  We were delighted by the various conversations we had with people like Dr. Drew Pinsky and KLOS radio station show host, Heidi Hamilton. The work and the conversation I had with Dr. Drew inspired him to remember a time when he was eight years old.  He said, “I went to MoMA and saw a room filled with probably 400 tires. Me and my friends spent all our time there.” And this is exactly why we need art in our world -to get people to think and spend their time with new ideas. This is how we progress our thinking, our politics and our lives.  Rock on art.  

LOS ANGELES, CA – JANUARY 10: A general view of atmosphere and art at the 23rd Annual LA Art Show Opening Night Premiere Gala Benefiting St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at Los Angeles Convention Center on January 10, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo: Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

The LA Art Show is in the West Hall at The LA Convention Center through January 26th. You can find me, Cynthia Underwood, and my cat,  Stewie the Art Expert Cat, creating with the creatives.

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