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KISS Gene Simmons’ Hollywood Hills Home!

He’s not just the hard rock idol with a demon-painted face and fire-spitting long tongue.  Gene Simmons is first a businessman and marketing wizard, often asked to speak at investment seminars.  Of course, his love of music and forming bands as a youth had a lot to do with his initial music career, but KISS was also a business with a brand engineered in the 1970s when bands with the most fire and theatrics were popular with teen music buyers.  A man of many interests, his business plan is really quite simple and highly successful.  If one has multiple business interests and one fails, you still have income from the others. Now looking in locations other than California to put his real estate investment dollars, he has recently put one of his Los Angeles properties on the market.  Completely updated with three floors and terraces on a hillside and good views, it is priced at $2.1 million.

Photo Credit: Richard Horn for Compass
YouTube Credit:  Sean Evans, @evvo1991 backtothemovies.com/
Source:  TopTenRealEstateDeals.com