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Killer Women!

By Valerie Milano

Ginnifer Goodwin – CBS All Access “Why Women Kill” TV Show Panel, TCA Summer Press Tour in Los Angeles 08/01/2019

Beverly Hills, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/26/19 – Early August saw the introduction of the cutting-edge new CBS series, Why Women Kill! Combining indulgence, levity, sex, and a dash of murder, Desperate Housewife creator Marc Cherry brings the tale of 3 different women, in 3 very different eras; combing through the struggles and pressures of married life. 

It suddenly occurred to me that so much of how we behave, so much of our expectations for happiness, are based on the era in which we live” Cherry reveals to the audience at the TCA Summer Press Tour,  “We are told by popular culture and the rules of the day what should make us happy, and I suddenly became kind of entranced with comparing three decades of three women, three marriages, and all dealing with the exact same problem, and their reactions to it would be based on the decade in which they lived.” Cherry poetically provides story lines in Why Women Kill that are carefully, thoughtfully, and masterfully intertwined that viewers will be delighted to travel alongside this delicious cinematic adventure. He continues, “ I try to find connective tissue in every single episode, but at some point, the big thing that you’re met with, their journeys, women who have discovered their husbands are cheating on them or the idea of infidelity or a third person has entered in their relationship, there are arcs, so the connections are remote. But how the women are dealing with it, they have the same journey, because it’s happening over the ten episodes, sort of their connection. And then we bring it all together in the final episode in a really glorious, surprising way that I’m so excited for everyone to see, because we find a really fascinating way to connect these three characters”

One of the most clever aspects of the dramedy has to be the symbolism surrounding the house. In each era of the show, the house in which each couple resides is the same. Marc Cherry provides,  “The house becomes, like, a symbol of marriage, and you can kind of decorate it differently. You can put your own stamp on it, but the fundamentals of it kind of stay the same. And the issues, what can drive a couple apart, remain the same. So that, to me, was what connected all these three women. And then, like I say, there will be a big connective reveal at the very end of the ten episodes. But, for me, it all started once I figured out that all these three women are living in the exact same house, at different eras, that was, to me, how I connected all their lives.”

Marc Cherry (Photo: Frank Micelotta/Picturegroup/Shutterstock)
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