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Kids2 Launches Sandbox Series From Baby Einstein To Introduce Concepts of Culture And Diversity

Atlanta, GA – Kids2a global company that designs solutions to help early-stage parents and families, today announces the launch of the Baby Einstein™ brand’s Sandbox series. Sandbox will be exclusively available on The Roku Channel from May 1st to June 15th. Following the exclusivity period, episodes will also be available on various streaming platforms across the US, EU, and UK, including iTunes, YouTube and Amazon Prime Video.

As part of their mission to create tiny wins for bright futures, Kids2 approaches every product and service they create with a unique and forward thinking approach to help families navigate the journey of parenthood. The Baby Einstein brand team aims to ignite curiosity within parents and equip them with the tools to create an environment of curiosity for their children. The Sandbox series will serve as a tool to empower parents to teach children at home or on-the-go, reinforcing the Baby Einstein™ brand’s belief that parents truly are their baby’s first teacher.

The Sandbox series builds on the Baby Einstein™ brand’s legacy of educational video content, updating it with modern animation and exploring topics relevant to today’s families. Built using The Einstein Way™, Sandbox goes beyond ABCs and 123s, inspiring parents to teach their children larger socio-emotional lessons like compassion, empathy, responsibility, and inclusion. It introduces values and skills essential to creating a better world.

The 10-episode series was thoughtfully written to bring the Baby Einstein™ brand’s characters to life, giving them each unique personalities, interests, talents and cultural backgrounds. Together the characters introduce concepts of culture and diversity by helping each other discover different countries, languages, traditions, and climates.

“It is important for Kids2 to provide families with meaningful solutions that make an impact on their parenting journey,” said Ryan Gunnigle, Owner & CEO of Kids2. “We are excited to bring a thoughtfully curated series to families around the world from an iconic brand that so many have loved and leaned on for decades. Through Sandbox, we hope to deliver real-world contextual content to foster learning and imagination.”

Kids2 brands offer holistic parenting solutions that span across several aisles for families across the globe, and the Sandbox characters have already started being incorporated into Baby Einstein products showing up on shelves. With this series and through product creation, Kids2 aims create an immersive environment of curiosity, where families interact with the same characters and reinforce the same important topics in the shows they watch, the toys they play with and the books they read with their children.

To learn more about Kids2, the Baby Einstein™ brand and the Sandbox series please visit: www.kids2.com.

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