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Kicking it with Keith Robinson at Sundance

By Brianna Oppenheimer

Park City, UT (The Hollywood Times) 1/26/23 – During Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment’s “Indie Director’s and Creator’s Spotlight” at Sundance 2023, I spent time with singer/actor Keith Robinson. Keith is beaming with talent, which I luckily got to witness during his performance of my favorite song of 2023 so far, “No More Mr. NICE GUY.”

Keith Robinson was born in Kentucky and grew up in Greenville, South Carolina. He later moved to Augusta and graduated from Lakeside High School. He attended the University of Georgia and, while there, signed a recording contract with Motown Records. However, that label never issued any of his material.

Robinson moved to Los Angeles and earned a starring role as Joel Rawlings, the Green Ranger in the TV series Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Robinson appeared in other series including ERAmerican DreamsMonkNCIS, Major Crimes, Saints & Sinners (6 seasons all available on HULU), A Million Little Things (ABC re-occurring role), and The Greener Grass Experiment (the 8 episode limited series written, directed, and starred in by Robinson).


Robinson’s performance as C.C. White Dreamgirls, which includes a Robinson-led version of the song “Family,” was a breakout role in the film. He was subsequently cast in Comanche Moon, This Christmas, & Dear John.

What brings you to Sundance 2023?

I’m here performing tonight alongside some great artists, Angie Stone, Alfred Jackson, & Sha’leah Nikole. We’re doing an event for black creators and directors in Hollywood. It’s exciting.

How did you connect with Ericka Malone?

I am in her movie, Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story. I played Thomas Dorsey in the movie, and it is getting a great response. I have residency in Beverly Hills, and I invited her to one of my shows. Afterward, she invited me to Sundance, asking me to perform here as well.

What are you most excited about at Sundance?

I think the whole thing is exciting, especially the fact it has been down for two years due to the Pandemic. To see everybody, and feel all of the creative energy, is exciting to me. The weather is an adjustment, but overall, I love Sundance…it is great.

Is this your first time at Sundance?

This is my third time at Sundance. My first year at Sundance was 2012 and it is always a joy to be here.

The Future for Keith Robinson?

I have a new album out called, Love Episodic 2.0. I also have a new single out right now called, Waiting, which is available on all platforms. Waiting is doing really well. I’m going to release the music video on Valentine’s Day 2023. The focus is getting the music out to the world. A lot of people know me from TV and Film. It is nice that people are getting to see the other side of me. I started in Hollywood as a singer. Dreamgirls, was the big reveal of my music talents on screen. But I’ve been singing and songwriting since the beginning. Any acting work I’ve had, I have tried to get a song on the project here and there. I’ve been a multi-hyphenate artist the whole time.

Check out the multi-talented Keith Robinson here: http://keithsings.com/