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Karol G Debuts At Coachella, Talks Connection With Fans In Exclusive Interview: ‘It’s Beautiful For Me’

Milano & Karol G interview

By Valerie Milano

Indio, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/1/22 – Karol G. Doesn’t do anything halfway. If she’s going to take the Stage for her first appearance at world famous Coachella, for example, she’s going to do it unforgettably. Such was the case when she stormed the stage during weekend 2 on April 24, complete with stunning, hip-length blue hair, a sleek white bodysuit, and knee high white platform boots. She. Was. Electric.

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THT was there to witness her historic inaugural appearance at the festival in Indio, and the star graciously agreed to an interview while we were there. We were asked to come to her hotel Renaissance Esmeralda Resort & Spa in Indian Wells, for the interview.  The media waiting here equipped with a full breakfast while you wait and then escorted into a large production room.  Hair/makeup and the guys making each reporter a disk drive to take home after the interview.

“Oh my God,” she said when asked how it felt to be at Coachella for the first time. I don’t have any memories because I was so nervous!” She candidly told us about her weekend 1 set. So like, it was amazing to be there, but I was very anxious and nervous.” She later changed into a yellow, blue, and white jumpsuit – made to mimic the Colombian flag.


That’s understandable. The weight of carrying any portion of what is arguably the most recognized music festival in the world is phenomenal. “We’ve worked so hard for six months. I think the second one (performance) is the one that you enjoy the most because you already know how everything is. You already feel more secure. So yes, it’s a complete experience. It’s beautiful for me.”

Karol continued, saying that what makes Coachella beloved – the feeling of connection – is what she loves the most about performing. “Do you know, that’s my favorite part in the world,” she told THT. “Like from what I do, it’s like to be onstage and to get the opportunity to connect with new people, because when you’re on tour, you know, they’re there for you because they’re paying to see you and they’re there for you. But when you are in these different festivals, you know, you have the challenge to conquer these new people and to show your music and make them feel the connection…So for me, that’s amazing.”

The Columbian star opened with her hit “El Makinon,” and followed up the energetic performance with “De Mi Ya Te Olvidaste,” and a cover of “Don’t’ Be Shy.” Guests Becky G and J Balvin joined her for her set in surprise appearances.

“So I was super happy,” she said about the entire experience. “It was amazing for me. Like I worked so hard. So now I’m just feeling that I really did it and I’m happy about the results. Very happy!


Still, it was all over too soon. Karol told us that it was “very quick and very fast, but worth it for me. That moment gave me so much life and so much appreciation for the things that I want to do.” Karol’s moment meant something more profound to her than just the joy of performance. She represented her country and her Latina culture, as well. “I think all of us, we love our countries and we love where we are from,” she said. “But to represent my country around the world– my country has had hard times before.”

Karol proudly debuted her new single, PROVENZA, during her weekend 2 performance. To learn more about superstar Karol G and her current tour, visit her site here.


And watch her dance, sing perform on this link: