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Karen Waldrup Premieres Music Video “Me Again” Featuring William Michael Morgan

By: Angela Redding

Los Angeles, CA, (The Hollywood Times) 4/8/2020–“This is my favorite music video I have ever been a part of. When we arrived at 4 a.m. and saw the tranquility of the fog coming up over the pond, we knew the shot would match the easygoing song,” says Waldrup.

Experts tell us something we already know but may not have verbalized or consciously thought of, and that is the fact that music has the ability to heal, calm anxiety, ease pain, and provide a pleasant diversion during troubled times. Calming anxiety is something we need right now during these troubled times.

New Orleans native Karen Waldrup is someone who has experienced hard times first hand. No, she is not dealing with COVID-19, first hand, but she did go through a difficult time in her life a short time ago.

Karen Waldrup performing
Karen Waldrup performs her new release, Me Again. Photo: Karen Waldrup media.

Waldrup is a country singer and songwriter. Her career kicked off in 2008 and her debut recording, With Love, Karen dropped in 2009. All was moving forward as she made the climb up the ladder of success when the bottom dropped out from beneath her. She was confronted with relationship problems (to say the least), stalked by an obsessed older male, and moving multiple times due to being stalked. All of this really turned the superstars world upside down.

Her new song, Me Again, came about due to her fan base and their undying support.

There were fans that knew I was going through hard times last year, purely based on the kind of music I was putting out,” she says. “They were also the ones that let me know I could be me again. Their kindness made me realize I could go back to music again,” Waldrup told People.com


Country artist William Michael Morgan collaborated with Waldrup on the, Me Again, track and stars in the music video as well.

Waldrup states, “William’s voice on the track and the gorgeous morning we were blessed with to match the tone of this healing & reflective song. He’s a simple guy and I’m a simple girl and this video depicts exactly who we are.” 

Check out the video here on American Song Writer: Me Again

The musical pair celebrated the release of the music video with a live interactive online show on Thursday, April 2 at 3:30 pm CST on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Upcoming live streams:
4/8 – 8:00 pm              The Boot Facebook

One Busy Young Lady

Waldrup currently hosts a weekly online series on Country Rebel’s Facebook page entitled “Waldrup Wednesday”. The show initially airs every Wednesday at 5PM CT and can be accessed on-demand anytime via Facebook and YouTube.

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