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JV To The Pros with Jack Vecchio and Corey Ramsey

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 3/17/20- JV To The Pros with Jack Vecchio and Corey Ramsey brings Jack’s quirky sense of humor with quick one-liners along with Corey’s calming sense of reality and maturity. The show has a balance from serious news topics and current events to fun topics and of course, the banter between Jack (NY Jets Fan) and Corey (Patriots Fan). Guests will quickly realize that throughout the show Jack and Corey will poke fun at each other without losing sight of the serious topics at hand. Celebs, Sports Fans, Authors, Entrepreneurs, and others are in for a wild ride with these two guys.

Jack Vecchio born in Brooklyn, NY. He has been acting since he was 4. In the 80s, he set his sights on Hollywood. He first found himself on the set of “Out For Justice,” with Steven Seagal. Soon after, Jack’s talent would take him to work with Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson, Tony Danza, Gene Hackman, Vincent Gardenia, Kim Bassinger and 100’s of others. “I worked on “Who’s The Boss?”, “Night Court”, “E.R.”, “The Babe Ruth Story”, “Love & War”, “The Nanny”, “Seinfeld” and others where he became a regular on the studio lots.” People told Jack that he should be doing sports radio. Finally, he decided to put a show together but knew he needed a broadcast partner that would balance him out. He reached out to his friend Corey Ramsey, a huge sports fan and published Author of 6 books has written the Opportvnvs Adest Series, a four-part apocalyptic science fiction/fantasy story that chronicles the events that lead to the end of days for Earth.

“I spent a great deal of time looking for someone who would work with me like “Yin and Yang,” says, Jack Vecchio. “I’d been friends with Corey for several years but never looked at him as a broadcast partner until my wife pointed out how we bounce off each other just in normal conversation at parties. So, we decided to give it a shot and it worked out much better than either of us imagined.” Jack asked Corey if he would be interested in putting together a show. He said yes, and JV To The Pros was born! 

Jack Vecchio with Samuel L. Jackson (Photo: THT)

JV To The Pros tackles sports and the toughest issues of today. “I think people will notice that the show flows on its own between Corey and me. We look for guests who are engaging, controversial, interesting, funny or curious for the listeners,” says, Jack.

Jack and Corey also share a deep knowledge of sports. “An intricate knowledge of sports that we sometimes actually educate the listeners while we battle sports topics but we don’t let sports dominate the show. We usually save it for the finish as a wrap-up with a nice bow on it.

So, who would you like on your show? 

“My crown jewel guest would be Sylvester Stallone himself. I was honored to do the Stallone Fanatics podcast for the 41st anniversary of the release of ‘Rocky’ and the host, with whom has interviewed many of Stallone’s co-stars over the years, was amazed at how much knowledge I had about the Rocky movies, Stallone himself and behind the scenes info that very few people know. As a matter of fact, I was able to tell Carl Weathers things about the making of the Rocky films that even he didn’t know!

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