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Jon Anderson, The Voice of YES, with the Paul Green Rock Academy LIVE at Bearsville Theater – Opening Band The Rock Academy Woodstock, NY

By: M . Salamone – Carrick Photography


(The Hollywood Times) 7/31/21 – With my Covid vaccination card in hand, I ventured out to my first indoor venue since this crazy mad pandemic started in 2020.


The venue itself Bearsville Theater Woodstock, NY, sent an email earlier in the day giving protocol to how the evening was going to go down. Bring your vaccination card,without it you will be Covid tested, and a request for mask wearing inside the venue.

Pretty straightforward and folks weren’t bothered in the least.

Headliner Jon Anderson (the voice of Yes) accompanied by the Paul Green Rock Academy. Opening band The Rock Academy, Woodstock, NY.

Both Rock Academy‘s young musicians, took the stage with a vengeance and rocked he hell out of Bearsville! The night opened with the Rock Academy from Woodstock bringing down the house with their amazing musical renditions.

Next up Jon Anderson being backed by the Paul Green Rock Academy . The crowd was blown away with the artistry of these young musicians that did not miss a beat, and Jon Anderson true to form, always spot on with an assortment of new songs from his 1000 Hand Tour in 2019 and some very classic Yes favorites. All of this fabulous music with these young musicians with Jon at the helm being wrapped around by this beautifully designed and updated iconic theater. Kudos to Lizzie Vann who mothered this iconic Theater back to life.