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John Anderson’s new album “Years” out today

We went in the studio, and I remember saying, ‘I’m going
to do this like it might be my last’
”—John Anderson

Legendary country artist John Anderson’s new album, Years, is out today on Easy Eye Sound. Stream/purchase HERE.
In celebration of the release, the official music video for Anderson’s new song, “I’m Still Hangin’ On,” is debuting today as well. Watch/share HERE.
Produced by Dan Auerbach and David “Fergie” Ferguson, the album features ten new original songs including “Tuesday I’ll Be Gone” with special guest Blake Shelton and is already receiving widespread critical acclaim:
“a sobering yet soothing meditation on a life well-lived…swells and
soars with the aid of Anderson’s distinctively aged Southern drawl.”
Years is putting Anderson firmly in the spotlight again”
“coaxes defiant new energy from one of the genre’s true golden voices”
“this is the legend’s show all the way. Shower this man with praise and glory”
“One-of-a-Kind Voice”
Years is classic John Anderson”
“layers of guitars and keyboards give the vocalist a rich, sympathetic bed to sing with nuance and grace”
“a minor latter-day masterpiece”
“one of country music’s all-time great voices”
“John Anderson’s voice, as well as his songwriting talent, remain beautifully intact on his reflective new album”
“simultaneously fresh and original, while also feeling retro and familiar…a piece of music that feels reflective, rich, smooth and dripping with honeyed goodness.”
Created in the midst of a serious health crisis, Years is the product of the unlikely and, ultimately, richly rewarding collaboration between Anderson with Auerbach, who wrote all ten songs on the album together along with help from Paul Overstreet, Pat McLaughlin, Ferguson, Dee White, Joe Allen, Bobby Wood and Larry Cordle.
It began when Auerbach called Anderson simply as a fan, but when Anderson, Auerbach and Ferguson later met, they clicked as a unit immediately. On the spot, Anderson accepted an invitation to write the next day, which resulted in “Years”—the title track and emotional centerpiece of the album. Anderson’s remarkable recovery has become his testimony and it’s with Years that this testimony is told.
“We went in the studio, and I remember saying, ‘I’m going to do this like it might be my last,’” Anderson offers, “It still could be, but now the chances of that are getting slimmer and slimmer every day. I’m doing better so I’m not hardly thinking that way anymore.” He adds, “There’s a few things that I came out of this whole deal better with. Part of it is my love for music and part of it is my appreciation for my family. But the biggest part is knowing that I might die here any minute, for who knows what reason, but I know that the good Lord already came down and touched me. There’s not a doubt in my mind.”
Auerbach furthers, “I booked the session and here I’ve got a room full of musicians, and I really didn’t know if he was going to be able to hear in the headphones. But we got him behind the microphone, he started singing and it was pure magic. His voice is like caramel magic coming out of those speakers. John will sing it as many times as you want. He wants it to be great, but the thing is, once he starts singing, it’s almost right there, right from the first lick. I feel incredibly lucky that I even had to the opportunity to make a record with John Anderson, let alone have all this meaning to it.”
A Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee and beloved member of the country music community, Anderson has enjoyed 60 charting singles in four consecutive decades including five No. 1 songs: “Wild and Blue,” “Swingin’,” “Black Sheep,” “Straight Tequila Night” and “Money in the Bank.” Originally from Apopka, Florida, Anderson now lives outside of Nashville with his wife of over 25 years, with whom he shares two daughters.
1. I’m Still Hangin’ On (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Paul Overstreet)
2. Celebrate (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach)                     
3. Years (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Pat McLaughlin, David Ferguson)
4. Tuesday I’ll Be Gone ft. Blake Shelton (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, David Ferguson)
5. What’s a Man Got To Do (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Dee White, David Ferguson)
6. Wild and Free (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Joe Allen)          7. Slow Down (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Bobby Wood)         8. All We’re Really Looking For (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, Larry Cordle)
9. Chasing Down a Dream (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach, David Ferguson)
10. You’re Nearly Nothing (John Anderson, Dan Auerbach)