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JFK Memorabilia Maestro Nick Ciacelli Signs With Madden Talent Agency To Exhibit His Inspiring President Kennedy Collection

Nick Ciacelli

Boca Raton, FL, Nov. 6, 2019- JFK memorabilia maestro Nick Ciacelli ( signs with Madden Talent Agency to book his star-studded JFK collection at events and exhibitions featuring the car exactly like the one President John F. Kennedy rode in Dallas, TX. Ciacelli’s 1961 Presidential limo was rebuilt from Hess and Eisenhardt original blueprints. The X-100 code named by the secret service duplicate has appeared in 12 major motion pictures. Kennedy’s limo traveled with him around the globe. JFK chose the special formulated color himself, naming it “KENNEDY BLUE.”

Ciacelli owns JFK 35 private travel expedition collection, which includes over 350 items from United States’ 35th president, John F. Kennedy.


While Nick was at a young age, President Kennedy was assassinated along a motorcade route in Dallas. Most of Nick’s adult life was spent tracking down and purchasing thousands of pieces of history that makes up the JFK 35 exhibit. He has spent around 50 years putting together his Kennedy collection. Nick’s JFK exhibit can be made smaller or larger depending on the venue size. The show name used is The Kennedy Experience Exhibition.

“’My whole goal in selling this (exhibit) to casinos and home shows is bring John Kennedy into your casino or home show, and he will draw a certain amount of clientele that you wouldn’t normally get,” said Nick.


Nick proudly brings out JFK’s limo to stand out proudly to celebrate diversity and free speech. JFK collector Nick Ciacelli has a passion for riding on the road with his traveling museum honoring the life and career of President John F. Kennedy to find his audiences in venues.

“I don’t just deal with the assassination,” Ciacelli said. “This exhibit is on the life of President Kennedy, and I stress that to everyone. There’s no controversy, it’s strictly about his career. I touch on the day he died, and the last video presentation is called ‘Kennedy’s Last 24 Hours’, and it has him leaving the White House on Thursday, saying goodbye to his son.”

Nick’s display consists of JFK’s rocking chairs, his black onyx cuff links and a sweater given to America’s 35th president by his daughter, Caroline, not realizing that it would be his last birthday. The exhibit covers JFK’s youth, his years as a senator, the 1960 presidential campaign and the now famous Kennedy-Nixon debate