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Jenn Sanchez, CEO Space Skincare, Bright, Soft, and Clean Skin for 2021 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 01/10/2020 –

When did you decide to launch a skincare line? 

There was actually no thought into launching a line at all. I had used the charcoal mask and was so impressed – the mask would tighten after being on my face, but not too tight where I couldn’t talk on the phone or do things around the house. Also, the mask was not gooey and didn’t drip on my clothes after application.

Tell us about the Moon Rocks Activated Charcoal Scrub. Why is charcoal beneficial for the skin?

There is an element of stickiness in charcoal at the molecular level which is why charcoal is also used medically for poison cases – a lot of the poison can stick to the charcoal as opposed to being absorbed into the body. For the skin, our Moon Rocks scrub can absorb impurities and also contains Bamboo Powder to slough away dull skin. Our scrub is popular with men as it prevents ingrown hairs.

You also offer the activated charcoal mask, what are some of the benefits?

The mask is amazing – I use it daily. It contains Squalane so the skin will maintain moisture and also contains B3 to brighten skin and improve pores.

Is Space Skincare products the gift of glowing skin? What are some of your customers saying about your products?

Glowing skin does not happen overnight – all good things take time! But with a Space Skincare routine, you will see bright, soft, clean skin. Men love the product – no more ingrown hairs and inflammation and women say they are seeing results after just a few applications of the mask, followed by using the scrub. Our Moon Rocks can also be used in the shower.

Any plans to expand your product line in 2021? 

Yes! There are definite plans to expand and we are in the early stages of research. COVID set us back a bit, but we are forging ahead.

How important is giving back? 

Giving back is extremely important, and something I have always done personally so I’m glad to be able to do more so with Space Skincare.

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