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Jazzy K with New Single, “Trap House” Produced by Multi-Grammy winning Producer My guy Mars

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 5/25/2021 –  Jazzy K’s recent single, “Trap House” produced by multi-Grammy winning Producer My guy Mars (Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Drake, Mary J. Blige, Drake & more) was recorded at the legendary Sound Factory in Los Angeles. Jazzy is from Australia and is managed by Yamile Fernandez.

Tell us about your first break into the music industry. 

To be honest.. it was convincing my dad that I can sing ! Haha. I wasn’t very good when I was little so he had very little faith until the day I sang “Who knew” by Pink in a talent quest. I was about 11/12 years old and he really felt bad taking me knowing I wasn’t good. But when I got on stage and started singing he actually thought they played Pink’s version and not mine. He couldn’t believe how good I ended up being on stage.

You just launched your new single “Trap House. ” What was your inspiration for the song? 

The industry I’m in is very tricky, there’s no guide or rule book. If you don’t know what you want it can be very easy to go down the wrong path. Right before I wrote “Trap House” I was offered a deal that seemed amazing & perfect. But something in my heart was telling me to say no. As I was trying to come to a decision the words for trap house just started coming to me. “Trap House” ended up making the decision for me & reminding me who I am.

What makes your songs unique? 

I’m never thinking of a way to make my music unique. I’m just focusing on keeping it honest! I want to make sure I feel it 100%. Because if I don’t feel it, how could someone else? 

Share a favorite verse from your single. 

My favorite part of “Trap House” is the bridge! “Scared don’t be scared all your dreams come true in la la land, dream if you dare all your fears come true in la la land”

I actually had written that for a completely different song a few years ago with my friend max. And when I came to write a bridge for Trap house, I felt like that one just fit so perfectly. It really sums up the whole song.

You can watch the video for “Trap House” by clicking here https://youtu.be/vSMbAEGxz9s

“Trap House” was written by you and produced by multi-Grammy winning My guy Mars (Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Drake, Mary J. Blige, Drake & more). How did you connect with him? What is it like working with him? 

Yes !! I am so grateful for him producing this record. I was performing at a live music venue in LA when Mars was in the audience. He heard me singing and mentioned he wanted to work with me. A few weeks later we went to his studio, I showed him “Trap house” and he loved it!

He’s such a genuine and humble person, & Watching him in his element is just incredible!

What have you learned working with the best in the industry?  

I have learned so much, and I continue to learn every day. But if I can say something for other artists out there It would be to not worry about status. Worry about the vibe! If you feel good working with someone, work with them. If you don’t feel good or comfortable (it doesn’t matter how big they are) don’t work with them! Respectfully haha !

What is next for you? 

A lot of new music!!!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/itsjazzyk/

Tiktok: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSJau2gt5/

YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/jasminekmusiic

MUSIC VIDEO: https://youtu.be/2fZAWrNHg1k