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Jan Grobler Life & Transformation Coach New Book, “Get The Hell Out of Your Own Way”

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 09/24/2020 – Jan Grobler is a Life & Transformation Coach working all over the globe.  His healing and transformation footprint is expanding daily and stretches from work done in the United Kingdom of Great Britain, South Africa, Namibia, Australia and the United States of America.  He believes that every human life has genius with which to gift this world and he enjoys the discovery of his client’s own unique potential.  He believes that genius is underpinned by self-esteem and uses this concept to help his clients find their authenticity, by coaching them to  accept themselves for who they are and then transforms their results to its highest potential. His new book, Get The Hell Out of Your Own WayTips & Tools to Heal Your Past and Create the Life you Love’, is available on Amazon, October 10, 2020.

Your healing and transformation footprint expands globally. Tell us about work as a Life & Transformation Coach. 

To be able to work as a Life & Transformation Coach is probably one of the most rewarding and beautiful careers to have – though to me it is not so much a career as it is a calling and my life purpose I get to fulfill. Life as a Coach is all about believing in my client when they have a hard time believing in themselves – so many of our support structures opts to walk away when the going gets tough. I love helping clients to change their perspectives, heal their trauma experiences and sometimes countless betrayals. Changing their perceptions of who they are in this world and helping clients to move forward in the direction of their dreams to use the words of Thoreau, is what gives me the most satisfaction. It is my reason for showing up fully every day, no matter what!

What do you enjoy most about your work? What will clients notice first about working with you?

To work as a Life & Transformation Coach is of the most rewarding privileges, I have ever been fortunate to experience in my life journey. I get to see clients heal and I get to witness clients transform their lives and manifest their dreams – I cannot think of anything more rewarding than this! I have been ‘designed’ to do this work and nothing gives me greater joy than a client experiencing breakthrough in any area of their lives. I live for those moments – they are the most satisfying moments in any journey with a client! What will my clients see? They will feel safe with me – they will notice that I believe in them, no matter what! They will experience unconditional love – which is what therapy and coaching should provide.

How important is finding “your authentic self?” 

Life usually is nothing but one hellish struggle until we learn to accept ourselves and step into our personal authenticity. Many well-meaning folks live their lives patterned on what others want it to be and look like. The truth is that we cannot be another person, no matter how hard we try to live the life of another, we will always experience a sense of hardship and failure for as long as we attempt it and many of us made this pattern our life story living with discontent for most of our journey on this planet.

If we do not live our authentic life, we will always experience some sense of unworthiness and a sense of not deserving a wonderful and successful life. We unconsciously compare ourselves to who we are not (and can never be) and put a huge amount of pressure on ourselves for not being able to live the life of another (be it consciously or unconsciously). It gets rather tiring to consciously attempt to live the life of a parent, or living up to the ideals of society and as a result never fully living in your bliss and bringing your significance authentically to this world. You can imagine how many people live unconscious of these patterned belief systems that they have been adopting since birth as their blueprint for their lives and what the impact is on their lives and their fulfillment in the long run. The key is to accept yourself and live YOUR life and bring your significance to this planet, which is something we cannot really achieve if we live the life of another – change this, and your life will change! Only you can do what you came here to do, but while you live another man’s life, you are not bringing ‘you’ to the world – that is dissatisfying and why we resort to alternative means of fulfillment.

Tell us about your new book, “Get The Hell Out of Your Own Way.

I wrote this book with the reader in mind. Through my own journey, I realized that we are incapable of outperforming our self-esteem, but that we are able to improve our self-esteem and that our results will match how we feel about ourselves. From my own life and my own healing and transformation path, I decided to share not only my story, but also the tips and tools which I have found to be gold nuggets on my personal transformation journey. Needless to say, I use these very principles and tools in my practice as a Life & Transformation Coach and I have found that my clients experience the same amazing shift away from a life of hell on earth the moment they realize that they were in our own way of a life of bliss through their lack of self-acceptance. It is evident in my work that a sense of worthiness and accepting oneself is the pivot around which positive change is experienced. The moment a sense of self-acceptance and worthiness is evident, almost every client gets new energy to live the life they dreamed about and oftentimes had to put on hold or even give up on.

What are the key areas in your book? 

The key areas are most definitely that we are able to live a phenomenal life doing great things once we understand how we create, and that we are incapable of creating sustainable satisfying lives if we do not accept ourselves at a subconscious level first and foremost. This is not a thought that we can think every now and then, but that we have to accept at a soul level and a feeling that we get to live from.

Part of creating our lives is our thoughts that we do not manage and or understand the power of – this leads us to unconsciously creating what we don’t want over and over, so I help the reader understand the Law of Transmutation in a practical way.

Another area is forgiveness – as a world we struggle to forgive, and we struggle to move on from the past and use it as the gift that it is supposed to be. I try to help the reader get a new perspective on why we want to forgive and provide tools for this very important area. In addition I introduce our spiritual DNA which implies that we are all unique beings and if embraced with love (not arrogance) we will have no need to compete – we can spend our time and energy on consciously creating and bringing our gift to this world to serve and to love. We also take a look at regret in more than one way – many of us think that by the time we heal and want to transform our lives, we are too old, or maybe we have created a bad reputation.  It is an absolute pleasure for me to debunk these outdated belief systems that hold so many captive.

Introducing the idea that it is okay to ask God for something that you want seems like a silly thing to do, but I have found that many of us feel that it is either arrogant to ask or that we will anyway not be answered, which stops us from asking. If we don’t feel free to ask or we don’t know how to ask, how could we then co-create our lives? I decided to help the reader to gain a different perspective on why this is okay in our everyday life and why there is no need to feel guilty of what we ask for if it is backed by sound intention. I also wrote a chapter on how to keep our thoughts calibrated with the result we want to manifest in our lives.

Fear and its numbing effects often keep us in our comfort zone, so I have taken the time to explain this to the reader and to help them understand that fear is a constant companion for anyone that steps out to change their lives. One of my personal favorite chapters are on returning to love, which is a way back to ourselves and which in the first place removes us from the life of happiness we desire. Finally, I added a chapter of testimonies of clients to inspire the reader that life abundantly is an idea that applies to everyone roaming this planet, but that it is up to them to step out and to find a coach and to do the work!

As a global speaker you focus on heart-centered and life-changing topics. Please share your upcoming virtual conferences and topics. 

I have been asked to speak at the Namibian Women’s Summit in October 2020 which is a platform that usually attracts females from across the globe. In 2019, we have had a beautiful three days together and this year the theme for the Summit is: ‘Reach Out, Reconnect & Recharge’, which in the current economical and fear filled environment is much needed to do almost on a daily basis. Life is difficult when we do not have a sense of connection and a way to recharge our human minds with potential and peace. For the moment this is the last event that I intend to speak at for 2020. I will continue to have private engagements with Corporate Clients that are pre-booked for the remainder of the year.

Tell us about your transformation courses and success stories. 

I have a client that was declared infertile by two medical doctors. She is in her late twenties and is a beautiful soul. For eight weeks we have been working together using the Life Coaching path of healing the past and transforming her thought process and at the end of the eight weeks she was pregnant and needless to say very excited about her little one. Another eight weeks later, and she lost the fetus – and at this point most of us just give up on our dreams and believe what the medical world told us. I am grateful that she did not and continued to do the work. Her consistency paid off and she became pregnant again with a healthy little boy and are now in month six of her journey. Of course, I get sonar pictures every time they have a check-up done and I just celebrate her and her husband and their little boys’ lives! I have many amazing stories like this to share. There is indeed no dream not worthy of coming true!

I have a variety of courses that I present to individuals as well as groups that caters from building a dream, to mastery of six areas of our lives, the Universal Law system, to understanding and embracing your Genius! These are courses that I have studied through the then Life Mastery Institute of Mary Morrissey.

Of late, I have designed my own signature course using principles that I find essential for healing and transforming our results and creating lives we love living, which is called ‘iProsper®’. I enjoy this work whether in the corporate world or whether done on an individual level, it is just an amazing course that I combine with personal therapy sessions during which limiting paradigms or belief systems are transformed through a discipline called PSYCH-K®.


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