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Rising Star and Multi-Talented Hyphenate Jacques Derosena

Jacques on the red carpet
By Valerie Milano
Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/27/20 – Multi-talented artist and rising star Jacques Derosena is a noted French Instagram Host Influencer /Musician/ Actor/ Producer & co-owner of the luxury Persian fragrance  Brand “Sattar”. His music is currently playing on Spotify & France Radio artist: JAYYFLASH. He is a yearly curated host & attendee of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in France & is a yearly special guest of Baron de Rothschild  Mouton Cadet Cannes. Derosena recently filmed the much anticipated Cary Elwes and Penelope Mitchell superhero film “The Hyperions”. He filmed a supporting role in the Matt Damon, Kristen Wiig film “Downsizing”.
With his winning smile and upbeat personality, Derosena just became the new main model face of AMERICAN EXPRESS  and also has print campaigns for Audi, Facebook, Target, WhatsApp, McDonalds, DoorDash & DIGICEL. He finished filming a leading role in The Weinstein Company animation film “Underdogs” Co-starring Ariana Grande, Katie Holmes, Bella Thorne and John Leguizamo.
In addition to all his acting roles, he has also produced the highly anticipated horror film “Black Pumpkin” and is currently prepping the much anticipated horror film” The House In The Middle Of Nowhere”.  His past credits include a role in the Lionsgate film” Hunger Games, Mocking Jay”, the character role “The Gurgles” on The Disney Show “Good Luck Charlie”, HBO’s “The Wire”, video games such as Sony: Uncharted 4, a character role on The Sketch Music Variety/Comedy show “Arbor Live,” which aired in Canada and won The 2013 People’s Choice Awards for Best Television Program/Promotion of Aboriginal Music.
Derosena got his start as an extra on a TV show that was shooting in Maryland. He soon began taking acting classes at various theatre conservatories and continued his studies at renowned acting schools such as the Stella Adler Studios in New York and the Herbert (HB) studio of New York, where he started booking small parts in TV and films. He has created a niche for himself by playing foreign characters and applying his strong French speaking skills to these roles as well as switching dialects with ease.
In addition to all of this, he is also involved with the innovative Kapow Film Festival. “Our film director created this festival. After discussing its premise and mission with us, we became involved and have been exposed to amazing storytellers from all over the world and bringing their stories to the general public,” said Derosena.
Jacques at the Cannes Film Festival

When asked if he’d be interesting in directing in addition to acting and producing, he replied, “I love producing. I love putting projects together. Perhaps someday I may look at directing, but for now, I’m loving acting and producing.”

More info at:  imdb.me/jacquesderosena