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Interview with Renowned Criminal Expert Faith Jenkins star of “Killer Relationship”

Beginning May 28, at 7 PM ET/PT, Faith Jenkins returns for a whole new season with 13 fresh twisted tales of passionate relationships turned deadly on Oxygen.

By Bethany Nicole

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 05/24/2023

The Hit Show Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins is Back for Its Second Season

Killer Relationships is the Oxygen hit show that takes viewers on a journey of what happens when love turns to hate and marriage, turns to murder. The show was ranked number one in its time slot for cable originals, meaning people love this show!

Oxygen, the home of high quality, true crime programming, renewed the true crime docuseries “Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” for a 13-episode second season and it will be premiering this Sunday, May 28th. Produced by Texas Crew Productions and Faith Jenkins and the first season is streaming on Peacock.

Here is look at the Trailer:


“Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” explores the twisted tales of intimate relationships that had a passionate and promising beginning only to devolve into a mysterious and murderous ending, revealing the deadly side of romance. Faith Jenkins’ unique perspective as a former criminal prosecutor in the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, her work with couples whose marriages were on the brink of disaster and her writing on relationship red flags put her in a remarkable position to provide commentary on relationships gone terribly wrong.

Killer Relationships host and executive producer, Faith Jenkins is a force to be reckoned with. A former Manhattan prosecutor she is no stranger to what happens when good relationships go bad.

We had the privilege of sitting down with Faith in a Hollywood Times exclusive interview and got to know, what exactly led her from courtroom to camera.


Faith revealed that as an attorney, she spent time in family court and got to see all kinds of relationships up close. Some ended well, and others did not. She saw the ones that did not, frequently and saw that some of these relationship endings, seemed to bring out the very worst in people. She said that she learned “very early on” how to help people navigate the often-difficult endings to their relationships. These interactions helped her gain experience and insight into the subject matter and the rest, as they say, is history.

The first season was a big hit with the second premiering May 28th 7:00 pm EST on Oxygen. Faith feels the first season, and the show itself is so captivating to audiences as it proves very relatable. She explains, “We can all relate to being in love, going through a breakup maybe even a crazy ex or two we’ve had to deal with.”  Killer Relationships actually navigates a lot of real-life scenarios that many viewers are going to connect to. We pointed out also, that not only is it relatable it’s also very educational. It provides a lot of information on toxic relationships, what they look like, what patterns and red flags are involved, and some things people can do to avoid them.

During its premiere season, “Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” reached nearly 7M Total Viewers and ranked #1 amongst Total Viewers and W18-49 among Cable Originals in L7 in its timeslot.

Faith reveals the new season is even more compelling and “on another level.” It explores the why, the who, and the how of the crimes and provides an intimate look at the victims’ families. It dives into their relationship with both the victim and the perpetrator as well as gives an up-close look at the relationship dynamics.

“How To Spot The Red Flags in Relationships”

So, of course, the big question we wanted to know from Faith, was how viewers can avoid these types of relationships. What are some of the red flags potential partners can look for?

Faith Jenkins

Faith revealed it’s not as simple as it may seem. She gives the example of one of the couples in the upcoming season. The man involved in the case is actually a pastor’s son, so he is not someone that right off the bat, would be deemed capable of this type of violent act.  Faith reveals it is not always easy to spot these signs or “red flags” initially, as these types of people are often very good at hiding them. In fact, she points out, that is what makes the show and some of the cases so interesting, that the outcome is often such a complete surprise. After all, as Faith says, “Everyone has their secrets.”

Yet, despite the elusive qualities some of these individuals maintain, there are a few things potential partners can be on the lookout for. Faith reveals that controlling and obsessive behavior are often indicators of trouble, that often there are elements of greed in these types of relationships, as well as deep-seated insecurities or unresolved issues in a person.

Another big indicator is if the partner reveals that they have participated in this type of behavior in the past. She explains that those types of behaviors are not dependent on the particular relationship the person has, as they might have their next partner believe but are really indicators of how that person behaves in all their relationships.  She goes on to say that partners should not make you feel insecure, attempt to control you, or make you question your decisions. The hallmark of a good relationship, she says, is someone who is trying to “elevate you in every way.”

We got to take a little sneak peek at the upcoming season and discussed with Faith how even just watching the show, could help viewers to understand and recognize some of the behaviors that could later lead to trouble. The show in and of itself is educational, and a great resource for viewers.

Which led us to ask Faith if a person watching felt that they might be in a type of relationship similar to one on the show, what can they do?

She explained that there are a lot of resources out there, including domestic violence counselors and those with a lot of experience in the area. She said it is important to talk to someone you trust, begin navigating the resources, and begin coming up with a plan.

We also wanted to know, if someone is not in this type of relationship themselves, but perhaps has a friend or family member that is, what can they do? Faith encourages them to help the person feel that they are not alone and that they are supported. She encourages them to be a safe space for the person to be able to reach out to and also to help them find resources such as domestic violence counselors who can help them out of the difficult situation.

“What Viewers Can Expect From the New Season of ‘Killer Relationships'”

Although intimate relationship violence between partners and spouses is common, Faith reveals that the new season will actually include all types of killer relationships, not just intimate ones. She said there are family members, parents/children, and others. She reveals that the types of cases covered are a look inside some of the “most troubled human minds.” We have chills. And we are willing to bet you will too.

So be sure to watch Faith in action and check out the second season of Killer Relationships, premiering May 28th, at 7:00 pm EST on Oxygen True Crime.

You can also find Faith through her website www.faithjenkins.com and on her social media which she encourages people to interact with and comment on.

Instagram: @Judgefaithjenkins

Facebook: Judge Faith Jenkins

Twitter: @judgefaithjenkins

“Killer Relationship with Faith Jenkins” is produced by Texas Crew Productions and Faith in Justice Productions. David Karabinas, Russell Heldt and Brad Bernstein serve as executive producers for Texas Crew, and Faith Jenkins serves as executive producer for Faith in Justice.


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