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Interview with Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® & Psychic Explorer®

 By Judy Shields

Rancho Cucamonga, California (The Hollywood Times) 10/26/2020 “I’ll be co-hosting a radio show with Dr. Pat Baccili on Transformation Talk Radio Network. “The Psychic and The Doc” is scheduled to premiere on Thursday October 29. All subjects are on the table and no topic is taboo! Mark Anthony, the Psychic Lawyer® told The Hollywood Times during a Zoom interview last week.

Experience that interview here:


Mark Anthony said that he also got a podcast ready to launch “Destination: Supernatural with Mark Anthony the Psychic Explorer” where we examine supernatural phenomena from the cosmic to the subatomic.
He just did an episode of “Beyond Belief with George Noory” for Gaia TV. The next season will be coming out soon.
Mark Anthony’s next book has been written and should be in the first quarter of 2021.
The best thing to come out of our interview was Mark Anthony graciously offering The Hollywood Times viewers/readers the opportunity to go to his website www.EvidenceOfEternity.com and schedule a telephone reading and mention Judy Shields or The Hollywood Times and you will get a reduced rate on your reading. Now don’t pass this one up! I can tell you from firsthand experience it, it can change your perspective about communication with loved ones that have passed on.
I have been to several of Mark’s readings and even a symposium in Sedona and they were all an amazing experience! Reading his two books truly changed my perspective of dealing with grief.  I wish I had read them before my mother passed away over 25 years ago. Once I did read them a few years ago, I was truly able to end the grief I had been experiencing all these years since her passing. It opened my heart and spirit to feel her presence every day and turned my grieve for her loss to pure happiness for all the time I had with her while she was on this earth with me.  We all have experienced some type of loss of a family member, friend or loyal pet and believe me, get his books and read them, they will forever change how you deal with grief of a loss one.

About Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer®

Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer® who is also known as the Psychic Explorer® is a fourth generation psychic medium who communicates with spirits. He is also a successful attorney, licensed to practice law in Florida, Washington D.C., and before the United States Supreme Court.

Mark graduated from Mercer Law School with honors which included the study of law at Oxford University in England. He has also studied Mediumship in England at the Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Psychic Science.

He is the bestselling author of NEVER LETTING GO and EVIDENCE OF ETERNITY. His highly anticipated third book is coming soon!

Mark Anthony is also known as the Psychic Explorer. The media has referred to him as the “Psychic Indiana Jones” due to his extensive background in science, quantum physics, survival of consciousness and near-death experiences, history, archaeology, philosophy and theology. One day Mark may be lecturing at an Ivy League University about Quantum Physics and the next off to mystical locations in remote corners of the world to explore Ancient Ruins and Supernatural Phenomena.

Mark appears nationwide on TV & Radio. He has appeared on national TV including the CBS hit show “The Doctors,” where information he provided during a reading he conducted cracked a cold case murder.

Mark will be in an upcoming episode of Beyond Belief on Gaia TV to talk about the nature of consciousness and eternal life.

He is a featured speaker at Conferences, Expos and Universities which include Brown, Columbia, Harvard and Yale.

Website: www.EvidenceOfEternity.com