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Interview with Grant Terry

Grant Terry performing at Howlin Wolf 9/7 New Orleans

By:  Peggy Phillips

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 9/8/19

Peggy – So hey, Grant.

Grant – What’s up!

Peggy – Let’s do a little interview for The Hollywood Times as we head back from your gig in Houma Louisiana in this hour plus Lyft ride back to New Orleans.

The Boxer & The Barrel 9/8 gig in Houma, Louisiana.

Grant – Let’s do it!

Peggy- I first met you in August in Oregon, outside of Portland. It was just luck that I was able to see you play twice.

Grant – How did you like it?

Peggy – Well… I immediately fell madly in love with your music. I did. I really did. I loved it so much that decided to make a detour on my way to Americanafest in Nashville to catch your show in Louisiana. You were awesome.

Grant- Thank you very much. It was great having you here.

Peggy – And where were we tonight?

Grant – Houma Louisiana. Thank you for coming.

Grant Terry and Peggy Phillips outside Howlin Wolf, New Orleans

Peggy – I know what your music is like, but will you tell everyone how you describe it?

Grant – My music is singer songwriter folk Americana music, something like that.

Peggy – You write a lot of songs about romance and heartbreak.

Grant – (laugh) I don’t know if heartbreak is romantic. It’s just sad. Yeah, but I write about all different things in my life, whatever inspiration occurs.

Peggy – You write such catchy and hooky songs. Seriously, I listen to your music and when I wake up in the morning your song is there. I still hear it.

Grant – That’s awesome. That’s the way it’s supposed to me.

Peggy – OK. So this is the regular question. When you write a song, what comes first? The lyrics or the music?

Grant – It’s never the same. There’s no real formula. It’s always different. Sometimes it’s a concept, or chords, or the melody, it just kinda happens. It’s different every time.

Peggy – So it’s not a riff?

Grant – Sometimes it is. It’s always different. Every time you start to write a new song you suck at it until you figure it out. No matter how many great songs you’ve had they don’t help you write the next one – you have to start from scratch.

Peggy – I love that answer.  So, when did you first know you were a  songwriter?

Grant – When I went to college. My freshmen year in college I bought a guitar. Thought, maybe I’m a songwriter. I just didn’t know yet.

Peggy – And now you’re on tour, traveling all around to different cities and states, doing lots of great gigs. Is there a favorite city or state you’re going to?

Grant – I love Louisiana, it’s my home state, so coming here to play tonight feels great. I’m in New York tomorrow and I love that city. It’s always a blast up there. Doing some recording there too. I like anywhere there’s a good crowd. Any crowd that’s up for a good show, that’s my favorite place to be.

Peggy – That’s great. You’ve already got a lot of music published. I know you’ve got a bunch of new music too. I was lucky enough to hear you play some new songs live. You’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio recording. When’s the new album coming out?

Grant – When it’s ready, hopefully soon.

Peggy -You live in Nashville now.

Grant – It’s the place to be for music.

Peggy – I hope you get to play Los Angeles soon.

Grant – I will.

Peggy – Well, I want to tell you again how much I like your music. How can people find your music and your tour dates?

Grant – You can hear my music anywhere you stream or download online. I’m on Spotify and all music formats. Grant Terry Music for Instagram and all social media.

Peggy – Thanks for letting me interview you on this very bouncy Lyft ride back to New Orleans.

Female singer in Charleston was the opening act

Grant – My pleasure, Peggy

Peggy – Check out Grant Terry everyone! @grantterrymusic

Grant – Check it out. And, thanks again, Peggy and The Hollywood Times.


Grant Terry September 2019 Tour Date:

9/4 – Ruston, LA @Sundown Tavern
9/5 – Ruston, LA @Champs
9/7 – New Orleans, LA @Howlin Wolf
9/8 – Houma, LA @La Carreta
9/8 – Houma, LA @The Boxer & The Barrel
9/12 – New York @Rockwood Music Hall
9/14 – Houston, TX @The Americana
9/18- Baton Rouge, LA @Dead Poet
9/21 – Dallas, TX @Poor David’s Pub
9/26 – Chicago, Il @Uncommon Ground
9/30 Nashville, TN @Douglas Corner

Howlin Wolf 9/7 Opening Act for Grant Terry was Charleston Bourgeois – Indie Pop/Singer  Songwriter. Instagram and Soundcloud: charlsboozhwah  EP 2020 release on all platforms.