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Internationally Known Astrologer, Life Coach & Author Linda Joyce Brings Cosmic Views to The Hollywood Times!

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) May 30, 2018 – We are thrilled to announce that Linda Joyce officially joins the staff of the Hollywood Times on June 1, 2018. The weekly column, entitled Cosmic Views, will be updated every Friday to offer readers Linda’s timely and expert insight into your week ahead.

Cosmic Views is just one of the exciting new features premiering at our new online domain www.TheHollywoodTimes.Today,” enthused Senior Editor Valerie Milano. “We  have some big surprises in store for our readers as we continue to develop the site.”


Linda Joyce is a woman of many talents: writer, lecturer, life-coach, and astrologer. Her vast experience has taken her into the global arena where she solves personal and corporate issues in New York, London, Shanghai and around the world. “Identify the problem and a solution is not far behind.”

Joyce is a one-woman powerhouse for people looking for a pragmatic strategy to solving difficult personal and professional problems. Ms. Joyce’s clientele includes well-known celebrities and international business titans who are not afraid of an innovative approach to solutions. She is the author of two books, The Day You Were Born and The Star Within. 


“Astrology gave me a map of my talents and challenges,” says Joyce. “I read for friends and family at first; then I found myself going through a divorce and I needed to make money, so I turned professional. As my clientele grew, I realized that it wasn’t enough to identify what wasn’t working, I needed to show them how to change. And thus life-coaching was born. When I wrote my first book “The Day You Were Born,” I realized that each sun sign had a set of skills and if you didn’t learn them, then other parts of you would have to compensate for whatever was missing. When one part becomes overloaded for too long, it goes into a crisis.

I am looking forward to being a part of TheHollywoodTimes.Today. It has become more and more difficult to achieve simple dreams, face our fears and meet our daily challenges. My mission is to give my readers, not just insight into what’s happening, but advice on how to come out a winner.”

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