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International Songwriter Tony Angelo releases new single called “Scars”

 By: Victoria Stevens

Philadelphia, PA (The Hollywood Times) 3/20/20- During this virus epidemic, the entertainment industry is halted and Hollywood as we know it is shut down indefinitely. However, this has not stop international songwriter, Tony Angelo from releasing his new single, “Scars”, this past Thursday. This new single represents a mother’s love for her child and what she will sacrifice for it.

Tony Angelo

“I thought that more people will be home with others, and figured that I should keep the release date to bond more people together,” said Tony Angelo.

You can find Tony’s albums on many music sites such as iHeartRadio, Spotify, and iTunes. When Tony is not writing songs for his albums, he is busy directing documentaries and writing novels.

“I’m currently working on two documentaries right now about Graterford Prison and on a poetry reading that involves recovering from abuse and the hope that comes after. I am always looking for projects that show a different side and perspective on many things,” explained Angelo.

As Tony prepares for a few weeks in isolation, he keeps his spirits high and always on the next project. He has started writing a graphic novel that is based around helping people who have mental distresses and showing them that they are never alone.

“It’s always about the story. I’m a social worker by trade who works on the crisis floor in a hospital. I see children ages five to seventeen battle addictions every day. There are so many people who need love and to know that they are not alone. Most of my projects focus on this aspect and to give hope to a hurting world,” said Angelo.

With this focus in mind, Tony is sharing his message to the world and will not stop creating. He is a man on a mission and the mission is to be a light to a dying world.

Photo Credit: Tony Angelo

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