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International Actress Charlotte Xia in the Lead role of ‘Sandy’ in the film, “The Countess” 

Charlotte Xia (Photo Credit Blhack Moon Photography)

By Jules Lavallee 

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 11/15//19 – Ziwei Xia, stage name Charlotte Xia, was born in Jinan and raised in Beijing, China. Her mom was a Chinese Traditional Singer and Businesswoman, and her dad was an Artist and Businessman. Charlotte Xia is a super talent. She is an International Actress, Published Model, Country Singer, Artist, Fashion Designer, Painter, Photographer, and Golfer.


She moved to California in 2010 and studied at the Department of Motion Picture and Television at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She moved to Los Angeles in 2012, where she studied Music & Art, Piano, Guitar, Modern Dance and Fashion Design at Santa Monica College. She studied Acting and Modeling at Barbizon School of Hollywood. 

You have a diverse background. What makes you valuable in the eyes of a Director? 


Charlotte Xia: I think I’m unique. Every time I auditioned for even the smallest part, the casting director would say I was special and had a beautiful smile.

Share your background in modeling, singing, and fashion.

Charlotte Xia: My mother used to be the Owner of a clothing company, so I was exposed to all kinds of clothes at an early age. I was curious about them. I liked to draw all kinds of clothes. I dreamed of being a Fashion Designer when I was a little girl, but I also love music. I envy those who sing on the stage. I always wished that I could sing on the stage. I was very fortunate as a child that my father was so supportive and sent me to all the classes and training that interested me.

Pageant (Photo Credit Meriden Vilanueva)

Have you always been creative? How does your creativity translate into film? 


Charlotte Xia: Yes, absolutely! I inherited it from my father. In my opinion, film is also an art and every character is an idea. I imagine it as a picture of different personalities, endowed with soul. 

When did you get your first break? 


Charlotte Xia: In 2017, I was in I Love You, America as a Union Featured Role. I had no speaking lines, but I got my first SAG-AFTRA Voucher, also I had three close-up shots. It was an important step at the beginning of my acting career. 

What is it about acting that fuels your soul? 


Charlotte Xia: Desire and passion. I am a dreamer, I usually live in an unrealistic world, very dramatic. So my personality makes me love acting. 

Tell us about your role in Top Gun: Maverick

Charlotte Xia Naval Officer in Top Gun Maverick

Charlotte Xia: I play a Naval Officer in Top Gun: Maverick, it’s a UNION Featured role. 

Even without the speaking lines, I was willing to accept this role because Top Gun: Maverick is a big Major movie and also working with Tom Cruise is my dream. The most important thing is that made me officially joined SAG-AFTRA. 

What roles would challenge you? 

Charlotte Xia: Any big roles would challenge me because my acting career is just beginning. I just booked the Lead role ‘Sandy’ in the feature film The Countess, and both the supporting role ‘Wendy Jackson’ in the feature film Tomb and ‘YueGuang’ in the feature film Imperium, they will start filming in 2020.

Charlotte Xia (Photo Credit: Hui Li)

Who inspires you? 

Charlotte Xia: The first person is my father because he gave everything he had to support me, but unfortunately, he passed away from cancer about two weeks ago. I believe my dad is watching me from heaven. 

Describe your talent in one sentence.

Charlotte Xia: Enthusiastic, sunny and full of confidence. 

What is unique about your acting style. 

Charlotte Xia: People always told me that I’m funny- I am an absolute comedian.

Share with us your Lead role ‘Sandy’ in the feature film The Countess.

Charlotte Xia: This film has not yet started filming. It will shoot next year. I can share with you at that time.  

Actress Samira Wiley and Charlotte Xia in Ryan Hansen Solves Crimes TV (Photo Credit: Hui Li)

Which Director would you like to work with? 

Charlotte Xia: Angelina Jolie

What is next for you? 

Charlotte Xia: To be the best Actress and Model. To receive an Oscar is my dream and goal.  




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