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How Influencers Can Benefit From New Social Media Platform, AllSocial 

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 5/22/20– Logan Kimball, Chief Communications Officer at AllSocial discusses how the AllSocial platform is filling a void within the social media industry and how following this pandemic brands and influencers will need to change strategies in order to succeed.

The global pandemic has changed the way brands and influencers are using social media. Tell us about AllSocial and its impact globally.

AllSocial is a new social media platform that first launched in early 2019 and officially launched its 2nd generation offering last month. The platform does not use algorithms to determine what followers view and how many followers will see a given post. Instead, AllSocial provides its influencers and brands unprecedented connectivity with their followers. We do this by delivering 100% reach on every post. AllSocial has also made a commitment to its users to never sell user data, making this a very safe and enjoyable space for people to connect and share. 

How are Influencers benefiting from your new limitless social media platform?

On many social media platforms, posts often reach a small fraction of followers and friends. And, the portion of the audience selected to see a given post is determined by an algorithm. AllSocial is putting the power and control back into the hands of brands, influencers, and users with its 100% reach for each post. For influencers, this creates a more consistent, meaningful connection to their fan base. 

Additionally, AllSocial provides influencers the ability to aggregate content from multiple social media platforms to give their AllSocial followers a more in-depth view of the influencer. 

What are some of the trends currently?

We hear consistently from users, influencers, and brands that they are looking for a social media outlet where they can speak freely and their authentic stories can be told. Further, we are being told that telling their story in an unfiltered, authentic way makes the story much more impactful and significant. This desire for a place where authenticity reigns is what we are delivering at AllSocial. 

How is AllSocial uniquely positioned?

AllSocial is unique in that it does not filter or elevate content based on any particular viewpoint or algorithm. Instead the platform empowers influencers with maximum reach to connect with their followers. And, AllSocial gives followers maximum access to content they care about most. All this results in a more meaningful connection between influencers, brands and followers. 

Logan Kimball

Who are some of your partners? How are they helping local communities?

In an effort to provide hope and help for these challenging times, AllSocial and our user community have created a destination on its platform complete with daily news updates, uplifting stories, in-home workouts, tips for projects with the kids and more.  

In addition to more effectively connecting with one another, users are able to access geographically sorted live news feeds to see current and local health-related information. AllSocial is offering uplifting content on our Hope and Help pages as well, designed to bring levity and comfort for these challenging times. Finally, when users create a profile on AllSocial and follow on one of its Hope and Help pages, a donation will be made on each user’s behalf to various charities providing food based assistance.   

Additionally, AllSocial has partnered with former Bachelor star, Colton Underwood, for an exclusive video series called “Coffee with Colton” that airs on AllSocial every Sunday. In this series, Colton interviews fellow celebrities and influencers. For every user that follows Colton Underwood’s page, AllSocial is also making a donation to food banks and COVID-19 charities across the country.

What is your vision for AllSocial in 2020?

Our vision for AllSocial is to continue growing our actively engaged user community. We have over 1.6 million users on the platform and hope to near 10 million by Christmas of this year.

About AllSocial

AllSocial, a new algorithm free social media network launched, has launched hope and help features to help communities stay informed and safe during the coronavirus outbreak. One feature being newsfeeds dedicated to users specific locations or locations of loved ones in order to access the most updated and current news. Additionally, AllSocial has partnered with local churches and community organizations around the country to create pages to help those within their community with everyday tasks if they are unable to leave their homes and will also curate pages solely focused on inspirational and motivational content to help those during this time.