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Indulge at the Legendary Lesbos

September where will you be?

By: Judith Oehman


Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 2/7/19 – Here is a great suggestion, Lesbos. Yes, the island that gave lesbians their name. The largest of the Greek islands, Lesbos. The land of the great Sappho, the water she swam in, the skies she wrote of, the mountain she died on. Lets go, go to a space where the air is fresher, the seas are clear and the beaches emptier. And the world is less frenetic, the pace is calm. Enter the land of Lesbos, stare at mind opening sunsets, listen until you hear the voice of the lyrical poet Sappho. Listen until you hear the ghost tales that are told in days of yore, while you sip your warm ouzo.

Walk into groves of  “holy” olive groves. See 11 million trees.  The olive tree is one of the first plants of the Hebrew Bible (the Christian Old Testament), and one of the most significant. An olive branch was brought back to Noah by a dove to demonstrate that the flood was over, peace on earth, a less frantic world.


Let’s go to the Sappho Women’s Festival on Thursday Sept 6th.

Let’s go to the world of Afodite (Aphrodite, Venus).

You’re relaxed now, so let’s swim and play volleyball, see the volcanic explosions, enjoy the uniqueness of the Petrified Forest. Dance your ass off, lose the five pounds you have gained at Greek restaurants that welcome lesbians with hearts that are open and loving.

Walk up the hill in Eresos to see the Creative Design Museum, sit beside and touch monuments in a way you are not allowed in the world.


I have allowed my mind to open and slide down the path of enjoyment. I can promise you joy.

Come experience it with me.