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In a few… tunein® for the funnyboy


Robert Wuhl from Hollywood Knights, Good Morning, Vietnam, Tim Burton’s Batman, Field of Dreams, to his own genius, pioneering HBO series, Arli$$, to his current Ipso Facto Podcast… winning two Emmys for writing the Academy Awards... the Billy Crystal ones. I know. He’s been dishing the smart & funny since writing for Dangerfield back in the day and killing the late-night talk show circuit himself. Tonight he graces mine me… us… tunein on the aptly named app or, hit the green button on this here website. 

Vicki Abelson’s BROADcast: The Road Taken,


Aug 16th 6 pm PT/ 9 pm ET

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Next Tuesday, Aug 23rd at 1 pm/LA
Borrowing from the Moth… anyone interested in reading three to five minutes of their work, or singing a song… throw your name in the jar… just before we begin, we draw a name… and they’ll (you?) kick off the days’ festivities

Vicki Abelson’s
Tuesday, August 23rd11am * 
*One week earlier than usual
Potluck Brunch 
Actor Michael Gross, the yin to our Meredith Baxter’s yang, will be regaling us with tales from the Family Ties front and his journey through to Tremors. Entertainment writer, Jim Colucci is dishy, fun. and funny, and his just dropped, Golden GIrls Forever is perhaps the most sensual book I’ve ever held in my hands, barring mine of course. It is the most beautiful. And fab! And, as if that t’weren’t enough, MaryJo Mundy, who I’ve heard sing at Hillary’s is gonna let rip on Laura Nyro tunes. Whether you’re a fan of Laura’s or not (we have some youngins’) you will be of MaryJo’s and through her, Laura. I promise. One of the most amazing voices I’ve heard in my life. I have goosebumps just thinking about her singing. In LA?!? You don’t have to be Jewish, a writer, or, a woman, to join us. Just enjoy great entertainment, food, and company. *
*Artists are subject to availability
Tues, Sept 27th at 11 am
Cary Elwes
Don’t Jump is a delicious roman à clef ala Carrie Fisher, with the emotional honesty and deft writing of a modern Dorothy Parker. It has an intelligence without snobbery, a wit beyond crudity, a sensitivity without preachiness .. and is funny as all hell.” 
Hubert OHearn, San Francisco Book Review