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IFTA In Focus | Net Neutrality in Jeopardy

May 2017
Net Neutrality
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Net Neutrality in Jeopardy
On May 18, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote to issue Chairman Ajit Pai’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (“Restoring Internet Freedom”) for public comment. The plan – currently under review at the Commission itself – significantly reduces, if not eliminates, many of the regulatory protections set out in the FCC’s 2015 Open Internet Order which established the current net neutrality rules. Read More.
Marketplace Update
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Media Chronology in France
Media chronology (statutory windows) is considered crucial by the French film and television industry as it provides the possibility for different stakeholders to agree on terms. In 2009, an agreement on chronology was reached by the associations representing the stakeholders – producers, distributors, theaters, and broadcasters and adopted as compulsory regulation for any French company. However, the development of VOD and SVOD and the difficulty to finance films that are not pre-bought by pay TV have led certain stakeholders to look for a modification of the regulation. Read More.
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IFTA Digital Distribution Forum
On May 2, IFTA held a Members-only Forum on Digital Distribution with experts in digital licensing, aggregators and distribution. Hot button topics included Netflix’s impact on theatrical, new and inconsistent terminology in contracts and China’s VOD market. Read More.
Going to Market
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Cannes 2017
Once again, IFTA will have a strong presence in Cannes with more than 90 Member companies present at the 2017 Marché du Film. The Voici, our directory of IFTA Members at the market, can be downloaded here. If you are attending the Marché, be sure to stop by IFTA’s Booth – Riviera E9 – to meet with IFTA executives and receive information on AFM and association membership. Wishing everyone safe travels and a successful market!