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If You’re Wondering “What IF…” We’ve Got the Fragrance For You

By Audrey Rock

Los Angeles, CA (The Hollywood Times) 8/13/19 – Last month, Apothia released a new look for their almost indecently popular IF personal fragrance. Apothia refers to a lingual hybrid between “apothecary” and “utopia.” If you haven’t caught a whiff of the elegant perfume, prepare to be alternately mystified and blown away. It feels both medicinal and euphoric, so it’s not one you want to pass up.

The Ron Robinson designed collection of fine perfumes, home, and body fragrances is a hit. This particular scent evokes the peace and beauty of a West Coast personal paradise. In other words, if you live in California, this should be your signature scent.

Robinson, always a step ahead, designed the fragrance by communicating with 100 different women across the United States. In other words, it is a literal bouquet of individual tastes and personal preferences. Input also came from Hollywood’s A List, including Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Garner, Macy Gray and Lila Ford.

The ultimate result is a vibrant citrus/grapefruit with yuzu, blended with four exotic flowers and finished off with the clean scent of Pacific air. It’s not an immediately heavy handed fragrance. Its charm lies in its subtle approach to getting your attention. What IS that? it begs you to ask yourself.

IF eau de parfum has captured the attention of the elite and accomplished worldwide. It’s fresh, it’s sensual, it’s arousing to the senses in the most gentle and inviting fashion. No wonder, then, it’s been described as “heavenly,” “incredible,” “lovely,” “sexy,” and “unlike any other.”

It’s Apothia’s best-known fragrance, and with it, they’ve also unveiled a lovely new bottle. Encased in a clean, white vessel that begs the question “what IF…” it’s an homage to the modern simplicity that IF embodies.

The scent is also available for home; including an aromatic diffuser ($90) an all-new Air Mist ($38); and body,  including the eau de parfum ($95) and roll-on pure oil ($64). You’re not hurting for ways to surround yourself with the elegance of IF.

Check out these products at Apothia.com. IF fragrances, and the newly-released IF 2020 bottle, can also be found at RonRobinson.com (shoppers here enjoy free domestic shipping on all orders over $50.) Follow @apothia_la on Instagram for new product releases and exclusive in-store events.

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