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'If I Could Tell You' wins L.A.’s HollyShorts Film Festival’s TV category

Kevin Richardson, Backstreet Boys; Jim O’Heir, Parks & Recreation; Sharon Lawrence,NYPD Blue


If I Could Tell You sheds light on how fertility issues could drive someone to take drastic measures, even without their spouse’s knowledge! This thought provoking film screened at Hollyshorts Film Festival in Los Angeles and won the TV category. It stars Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson, Avery Clyde (NCIS), Sharon Lawrence (Shameless, NYPD Blue),Jim O’Heir (Parks and Recreation) and is directed by the Clyde Brothers, Rob & Ben Clyde.  This story is close to Kevin Richardson and the Clyde’s hearts, as they experienced their own issues with fertility. 

Abby Taylor believes in her soul that she was meant to be a mother. But starting late in life, she and her husband were forced to try fertility treatments that left them broke and without options. Looking for a fresh start now that they have decided to officially ‘stop trying’, Abby attends a transformational ‘Breakthroughs and Miracles’ seminar led by best-selling author and self-help guru, Sarah Linda McCormick. But what Abby isn’t telling anyone, including her husband, is that she is really there to meet with an anonymous sperm donor that she found online. She’s going to take one more chance at conceiving a child, even if it means she could lose so much more in the process.

If I Could Tell You not only delves into the struggle experienced by many who deal with infertility, but also showcases the new lengths some are going to through the online underworld of fertility treatments – guys who donate (and deliver) their sperm to women for free, or even have sex with them to get them pregnant.

Avery Clyde stars as Abby and pulled from her own personal fertility story to deliver an undeniable portrayal of a woman who has run out of options, her credits include Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS. Backstreet Boy Kevin Richardson has a break-out performance as sperm donor Derek. Kevin & his wife had their own struggle when it came to getting pregnant the second time around. EMMY and SAG nominee, Sharon Lawrence, who plays motivational speaker Sarah Linda, joins them. Sharon currently stars on the Showtime Original, Shameless, and has known for her Emmy nominted peformance on NYPD Blue. Jim O’Heir stars as real estate agent Jim and is known for his loveable role in Parks and Recreation.  The film was written, directed & produced by real-life brothers, Rob and Ben Clyde who also make commercials with their Los Angeles-based production company, Squint Pictures.