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How to Burn Ironbark Firewood Better _ 5 Easy Steps

Till today, people living in rural areas feel the warmth from the heat of wood. Surely wood is a renewable source of energy, and we are all responsible for acting as stewards of the forests. In other words, firewood is made of fallen branches & trees. Nowadays, the practice of coppicing is used to obtain firewood. A traditional method to cut trees and regrow from the stump. 

Ironbark firewood is one of high-efficiency fuelwood that renders excess heat. The wood is widely used for cooking & heating. Moreover, cause less pollution and smoke in the air. However, people are more inclined towards wood heat as a means of self-reliance. 

Why Is Just Any Wood Isn’t Good?

Ironbark is found in native forests and plantations in New South Wales up to Southern Queensland. Even some are available in Northern Victoria. The firewood fights against fungus, which doesn’t let the wood decay easily. Ironbark firewood Sydney is an ideal choice as rich in quality & strength. Wood is also used for flooring, cladding, decking and much more. It is said that the wood stays well in places where there is adequate sun. Apart from firewood and building materials, ironbark application is also for the creation of essential oils. 

Steps to Burn the Wood in More Economical Way

➤Use the Right Fuel

To make your firewood burning for long, cleanly & effectively. Be certain to store wood outdoors to make them dry. Cover the area from the top but let the side open. To prevent toxic emissions, a big no to the burning of paper, paperboard, glue, waste, paint, leather, magazines, garden waste, etc. 

➤Flip Your Fire Upside Down

When you light the fire from the top, the fire gradually catches larger logs from the bottom. This is the perfect way to burn wood and release less pollution. Keep the thinner logs on the top of the larger logs and add sticks or barks to the top. Don’t overload the chamber with the logs; also read the manufacturer’s instructions. 

➤Keep the Fire Burning 

Don’t forget to add more logs periodically as the wood starts burning; otherwise, it decreases heat and efficiency. Perhaps, start releasing the harmful gases causing air pollution. 

➤ Check out the Smoke Color

 How to identify that you succeed in burning? Well, there is nothing like climbing a big mountain. Indeed no smoke in the firebox means everything is in order. But if you are struggling with black or yellow smoke, then check out what’s missing. 

➤Use a Clean and Efficient Boiler/Stove (or replace your old one)

Get the low-emission stove to reduce air pollution emissions such as black carbon. Replace your older stove with a newer model certified as low emitting.

Look for the ironbark firewood near you and follow the steps to experience a good burning.