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How SEO And Google Are Changing The Roofing Industry

Roofing is among the many industries that are going through a major and significant shift: from manual to automated. A little late than most. But better late than sticking to old business approaches that no longer work in today’s dynamic sphere of enterprising.

Experts from give us a peek at how SEO greatly influences roofing companies, big or small, today.


Roofing SEO Explained

Roofing SEO has to do with “optimizing” your roofing business website to increase its visibility on Search Engine. Why? Because having a website for your roofing agency is not enough. It will have to see traffic and clicks in order for you, as an owner, to say that your website is driving ROI.


This is where SEO or Search Engine Optimization chimes in. Through organic search results, your website’s visibility can be expanded, implying the potential of gaining a larger pool of prospects for said website. And ultimately, your business.

Organic search, being separate from paid advertisements, is about results that are measured and strategically utilised via algorithms, to bring traffic in. In other words, it lets your site be viewed quadruple times more than if you didn’t have the backing of SEO tools.

Why Roofing Contractors And Agencies Need Google

The fact of the matter is that a huge bulk of online leads (“leads” are either an individual, group, or organization that are deemed as having a greater percentage of being interested in your products and/or services, to say the least, than the rest) are from Google.

Ranking high via traditional organic results isn’t limited only to itself any longer. This extends to its other apps and/or web services like Google Maps, along with other non-traditional SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) features.


And because Google takes up at least 95% of all searches online (yes, other Search Engines belong to the 5%, collectively), it’s but common sense, and quite frankly, practical, to observe their protocols in entering the search market.

Why Roofing SEO?

No Google Presence Equals No Business


We’ll get directly to the point— not having a presence on Google will equate to lowering your roofing business’ chances of gaining a good ROI. In the long run, it may not survive against the rest of your competitors who are trying to get their businesses on Google.

People Search For Business Online Now, More Than Ever


With over 7 billion people all over our planet, more than half go online to do searches. That’s regardless of demographic. As for people who have the intent of looking for a specific product or service from a specific business or industry, that is round up to somewhere around 87% of the number we just mentioned a sentence earlier.

Hence, with the hundreds of thousands of business and contractors online, the key, now, is to get ahead of the game with visibility. Your business has to be seen. It has to be easily found amidst the swarms of competitions on the web.

The answer? Roofing SEO.