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How Pilates Helps the Stars Shine

Chelsea Streifeneder with client

By Marybeth Cale – writer/publicist/certified life coach

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Photos courtesy of Body Be Well Pilates

Red Hook, NY (The Hollywood Times) 11/15/17 – Recently I had the chance to visit with my personal pilates instructor, Chelsea Streifeneder of Body Be Well Pilates at her Red Hook, New York studio (Chelsea also owns a studio in nearby Catskill, New York).

We got to talking about the fact that people who are in the limelight turn to pilates to shine, and Chelsea, who spent some time in California herself during her modeling days, shed some light on the reasons why:

  1. Pilates is great for the body. Not only does it tone abdominals and every other muscle in the body, but most clients report feeling longer and leaner after just a handful of sessions. According to Streifeneder, “pilates makes your body look fantastic, strong, and chiseled, but more importantly, it is focused on building your core – which promotes better posture and directly impacts our mobility and our ability to enjoy other activities like tennis, hiking, skiing, sailing, and all kinds of sports. And, of course, for people who have deal with chronic pain, pilates is well-known to diminish neck, back, and other physiological issues.”

  2. Pilates is great for the soul. “Our Body Be Well Pilates studios offer students the kind of atmosphere that is all at once relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating. We even get compliments on our decor! Our pilates students love working out here, and because most pilates studios offer one-on-one private sessions or small group classes, we find that there is a real sense of camaraderie. Everyone shares what’s happening in their lives and that sense of community that develops is great soul food.”

  3. Pilates is wonderful for self-confidence. As Chelsea shared, “naturally, we all feel better about ourselves when we LOOK great on the outside, but our goal here is to maximize potential for every individual starting with building a sense of self. People know when they come in here that they are building more than their physical core – they are working on their core selves because pilates brings with it a culture focused on wellness, rather than a culture obsessed with becoming a size negative zero! Most pilates enthusiasts love the value placed on overall health and how it really starts from within. That mindset, coupled with the sense of family people get from small class sizes, can really boost self-esteem, which of course is great for EVERYTHING else in life!”

Local Notable: Chelsea Streifeneder. Body Be Well Pilates. By Lindsay Pietroluongo

For people in the spotlight, like Hollywood actors, Chelsea says, the benefits of pilates make it an absolute no-brainer as part of a fitness regimen. “These folks need the confidence to step foot on stage, the posture to have real presence, the sense of connectedness to community that builds them up through long days, the physical strength that supports overall health, and the kind of workout that will make them look and feel their best. Pilates offers all of that and more.”

Chelsea offers both group classes and private sessions in her Red Hook and Catskill studios, but also has an online pilates training series available. Click here to order: a perfect gift for the holidays or any time of year for yourself or someone you love!

Shannon Swan

For more information, visit bodybewellpilates.com.

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