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How Much 7 Celebs Have Spent on Their Dogs (Paris Hilton has spent $361K!)

paris hilton dogTotallyMoney.com have calculated the lifetime cost of owning 10 popular pets and used the data to figure out how much 7 global celebs splash out on their current dog(s) over their lifetime – including the initial cost of buying them – and there are some interesting results.
  • Paris Hilton – $361,002 (12 Dogs – Pomeranian x 4; Bulldog; Chihuahua x 4; Pug; Yorkshire Terrier; Miniature Pinscher)
  • The Queen – $116,315 (4 Dogs – Corgi x 2; Dorgi x 2). She has owned 30 pets in her lifetime, costing $872,359
  • Lady Gaga – $59,576 (2 Dogs – French Bulldog x 2)
  • Justin Bieber – $55,448 (2 Dogs – Yorkshire Terrier, Labrador)

There are between 70-80 million dog owners in the United States, with the average lifetime cost of a dog being $23,233 but a survey of 1,000 Pet Owners by TotallyMoney.com revealed owners think their pooch only costs $12,800 – 82% difference.
You can budget the actual cost of any pet using their interactive tool and there is also an infographic featuring all 10 pets.