Home Exclusive Homes4Families (H4F) Hosted its First Celebs4Vets Build-Veteran Enriched Neighborhood®

Homes4Families (H4F) Hosted its First Celebs4Vets Build-Veteran Enriched Neighborhood®

Over the weekend, Homes 4 Families (H4F) hosted its first Celebs4Vets Build at the Veteran Enriched Neighborhood® in Santa Clarita, California on March 10, 2018.
Celebs4Vets is a membership-based group comprised of representatives of the entertainment industry who subscribe to the Homes 4 Families mission and lend their support by participating in H4F activities, events and programs. The Celebs4Vets Build provided members with the opportunity to help build one of the remaining 18 of 78 homes for low-income veterans and their families in Santa Clarita, California before H4F moves on to build another 56 veteran homes in Palmdale. Celebrities were divided into teams (ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC), and the teams each rolled up their sleeves to spend the day framing their own portions of a house while also calling upon their fans to sponsor their team’s efforts. The build teams were highlighted by groups from Lethal Weapon, Speechless, SEAL Team, and The Brave, among others, representing their networks.
“We’re thrilled to bring individuals from the entertainment industry together to collaborate on volunteer efforts that we are all extremely passionate about,” said Donna Deutchman, President and CEO. “This build will be a special day for the veteran community as we literally raise the roof on a new home.”
Photos by Matt Lorenz

Cast of FOX’s Lethal Weapon and Family-Brad Sharp (music artist, Keesha’s husband), FOX team captain Keesha Sharp, Chandler Kinney, Taryn Kinney (Chandler’s mother), Johnathan Fernandez

Cast of CBS’ SEAL Team Neil Brown Jr., Ethan Brown (Neil’s son), Justin Melnick, CBS team captain Judd Lormand and Toni Trucks

Lifting a wall in place

NBC’s The Brave-Sofia Pernas and NBC team captain Natacha Karam

Alison Haislip (co-host of Battlebots) and Jessy Hodges (VH1’s Hindsight)

Toni Trucks from CBS’ SEAL Team

About Homes4Families
To date, Homes 4 Families has partnered with non-profits, government entities, and corporations to bring the outcome-proven Enriched Neighborhood® model to communities. Primarily with Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys (SF/SCV) as builder, we have built over 144 homes in 5 Enriched Neighborhoods® in Northern Los Angeles County, are under construction on 80 homes for low-income veteran families, and are working with Habitat for Humanity Riverside to build 38 additional homes for low-income veterans.
Mission – Our mission is to build resiliency, neighbors, better futures, and homes for veteran families.
Our construction and social services are 96-98% of our spending each year. That is, as documented by our third party audit, only 2 to 4% annually goes to administration and fundraising.
The veterans we serve are low-income, working, Honorably Discharged members of the target community and surrounding areas.
Veterans are provided with specialized services and education to assist with Military trauma and to move them into the middle class. These services include financial literacy, health and wellness and vet-to-vet support, and have been designed, tested and registered/copyrighted.
The Enriched Neighborhood® model provides permanent housing in a neighborhood context that focuses on moving low-income families up into the middle class through specifically designed services for veterans and their families.
 Low-income civilian and veteran families are given an opportunity to purchase a home with a low-interest mortgage, and resale restrictions, keeping the home in the affordable housing market for a fixed number of years while allowing for modest equity growth for the family.
 What makes this model most unique is the no-cost self-sufficiency training and social services such as financial training and health and safety information, which allow our families to become self-sufficient and learn skills and necessary tools to move out of the endless cycle of poverty housing and into the middle class. Although the numerous programs offered to the participants are exciting, what really counts are the results they produce. In the pilot Enriched Neighborhoods® built by Habitat for Humanity San Fernando/Santa Clarita Valleys, they have seen outstanding results such as 99.9% High School Graduation Rates, and 0% foreclosures.