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Hollywood Insiders Launch New Social Site for Star Influencers

By Jules Lavallee

Los Angeles, California (The Hollywood Times) 6/14/2021- Social media performers dream of skyrocketing to mainstream superstardom like Justin Bieber, Lilly Singh, or Lil Nas X, but uncertainty about TikTok’s future has many influencers wondering what platform they can count on to grow followers and earn more money. Now a group of experienced Hollywood execs has created Prime Time Views, a new and exciting user-friendly platform for models/content creators/influencers to reach a wide audience with better revenue potential. Launching on July 1, 2021, the founders of Prime Time Views envision a swift ascension to global dominance. The Hollywood Times spoke with Michael H. Klein President of Prime Time Views.

What led you to launch Prime Time Views?

There is a growing marketplace for social media sites and we wanted to come out with one that we feel will bring a better platform to the content creators/influencers out there. I have been in the business of broadcasting and the Internet for over 30 years, working with some of the top companies in their respective fields and bringing the knowledge that I learned from those companies here.

How are Prime Time Views offering Influencers a fast track to FAME and FORTUNE? 

We offer a higher payout than all the other social media sites out there and we have an aggressive marketing plan in place to ensure high visibility to PrimeTimeViews.com to bring in the consumers.

What are some of the incentives to join your service? 

As mentioned, the higher payout to the influencers at 82% as well as we are offering them the opportunity to keep 100% for the month of July.

You were quoted, “Currently, content creators can generate anywhere from $20,000 to $300,000+ per month.“ Tell us about the platform and how influencers and content creators can reach a broader audience and generate revenue. ​

We will be doing our part by spending aggressively on marketing to attract consumers to the site but the influencers and content creators also will be doing their part by making sure that their followers on all the other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter know that they are on PrimeTimeViews.com and that they should be following them there. Plus having an offering that their followers will want to see and continue to see what will be posted or shared next.  

What distinguishes Prime Time Views? 

From the early beginnings of this site, the group of investors behind this project have been looking to diversify the perspectives and qualities each person on the management team brings to the table. Our goal as a site with paying our content creators 82% of their earnings is to support our creators and prove ourselves as an inclusive platform. We encourage a female-forward platform where 82% of earnings allows them to be their own boss and our newly appointed VP of Content Development, Alexis Nanavaty, provides the perspective of our younger generation and each day is helping the platform become more inclusive and supportive of women and the younger generations.  

What is your vision for 2021? 

To make PrimeTimeViews.com the place where content creators and influencers know that they will be treated right and have the potential to make a lot of money each month. And a place that consumers know will be filled with a variety of content that they find attractive.

About Prime Time Views

Prime Time Views is a subscriber-based, social media interactive website in the U.S. where video makers can showcase their creative talents worldwide while earning the highest percentage of revenue. Visit PrimeTimeViews.com for more information.

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